Okay, for starters let’s get some of those ugly, traditional facts about my life out in the open and then we can move onto the actual “faux-meat and potatoes” of my existence on this beautiful planet!
Fact 1:     Deane is actually my middle name!
–  My real name isn’t really important, nor is it what i enjoy being referred to as, so for the purpose of keeping true to my blog’s actual name, please feel free to address me as Deane in any emails, christmas cards, or personal checks you wish to send my way!;)  Although all of my close friends and family refer to me in a chronologically sound manner, I feel that my middle name adds a little more character and definitely provides a much more interesting story (unfortunate or not) in that it was the name of a Mercedes-Benz dealership that caught my father’s eye while en route to the Hospital i was born at.  Classy.  (Hey it could have been a Kia dealership) :)

Fact 2:    Ohhh the places i’ve been…
–  Yes, my pictures (coming soon) do not lie, i have actually lived in 4 different states including; Colorado, Arizona, Tennessee, and Michigan as well as one province; Ontario.  In doing so I have attended 9 different schools all in which i held the astute honor of being shortest in my class until the 9th grade!  I also had the unique pleasure of graduating from 3 different Elementary Schools, all without ever being held back (Don’t Ask).  I have lived in seven different cities and each and everyone of them still holds a special place in my heart, even if the most i recall about the first two were playing with a horse named duke and burning my finger on a really hot rock (Scottsdale, Arizona).   It all began in Englewood, Colorado, so they tell me, i don’t really remember much of that part of my childhood, which might be a good thing!  We sampled a bit of  AZ and TN and ultimately decided Colorado was the right place for me to grow up, that or my father found my reaction to moving amusing each time he’d throw the idea out there.  Or maybe he thought it would be interesting to see how many friends i could make in the short-period of time between city hopping?  Either way, it made for an interesting childhood, that’s for sure!  Somewhere in there I found time to travel to places like; Paris (France), The Bahamas, Jamaica, Lima (Peru), Several places in Mexico, the Alaskan coast, British Columbia, and most recently Munich, Germany where i completed my first marathon!

I’m not a huge fan of going on and on about myself, so if there is REALLY something you are just dying to know; ask me and maybe i will add it here if it is something i am willing to answer:)  To make an attempt at keeping the About section short, know that i am a personal trainer who loves all things earth.  I live a 99.9% vegan lifestyle even though i don’t enjoy the labeling aspect in general.  If you are wondering what it is exactly that i will and will not eat, shoot me a question and i will be sure to explain in further detail!  My choice not to eat meat, dairy, or fish is more health and preference related than any type of moral decision.  It has only become a bigger issue to me recently when learning more about factory farms, how farming affects our planet and so on.  A book that i enjoy and recommend on this topic is called Eating Animals by Jonathon Saffron Foer.  I find his knowledge and research on the topic intriguing and very eye-opening!
Other than all of that, i live with 3 animals; all rescues!  (Abbot, Costello, and Snoop),  All of them cats (father was allergic to dogs… i wanted a husky) but i love them all regardless and was happy to rescue them.  We actually rescued Abbot 16 years ago!  He is an Ocicat and means a lot to me and i will miss him when he’s gone!  On a happier note, once i graduate and free all of my clothes/sheets/etc from the cat hair and move into my apartment this coming Winter, i intend on rescuing a dog.  I have always wanted a husky, but it is unfair to pick and chose when the time comes and i plan on adopting the one that feels right!
I have just started my final year of undergraduate school at a University in Ontario and plan on graduating with a BS in Bio!  Moving on from that point is my ultimate goal and will depend on where each opportunity arises.  I plan on discovering as many opportunities as possible because i find that makes weighing your options that much more fun!  I love sports in general and was an avid soccer and basketball player as a child/teen.  Today i thoroughly enjoy all forms of exercise; running, snowboarding, skiing, hiking, rollerblading, swimming, body-weight exercises (my take on yoga) haha.  I have competed in several road races and just recently ran my first marathon in October in Munich, Germany with my sister cheering me on at the finish line at the Olympic Stadium.  It was a great experience and i plan on running the Denver Marathon in my hometown this year!  I love health, anything purple, and asics shoes.  I could spend hours in a health store and have before (unfortunately the closest thing to a whole foods is an hour and a half away from where i attend school!).  Most people that know me wonder why i try and live my life as if it were my last day, every day.   Its pretty simple and my philosophy is as follows; live with your heart, run with purpose, eat with your stomach, let yourself love, forgive those who matter, judge only actions, speak with your thoughts, learn learn learn, relate to the good, smile! :)


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