This is where all products will be reviewed, edible or not!  I try to fit as many natural products into my lifestyle as possible whether it be toothpaste, detergent, or shampoo, etc…  As a bio major, if i have never heard of an ingredient, i am not wasting my money on it!  Although, as a student who only works part-time, i am fairly broke.  So i have carefully compiled a list of products i use on a daily basis that won’t break the bank and i find make me a happier dude! ;)

1. Favorite Bar(s)
Gnu Foods
is really onto something here!  This is one of the only companies that i have come across that doesn’t have a single ingredient that i would not approve of!  No artificial or added sweeteners, no added sugars, an awesome amount of fiber, decent amount of protein and fats, and they are not too sweet yet leave you feeling fully satisfied when eaten between meals!  This flavor in particular (Banana Walnut) is one of my favorites, but it is a close toss-up between Orange-Cranberry and Cinnamon Raisin for second place!  If you haven’t tried these bars yet, get on it!  They are pretty decently priced as well.

2. Favorite Tea
I never used to drink tea AT ALL, until i found this wonderful mixture of herbs from a company that is pretty local to where i grew up in Boulder, Colorado!
Celestial Seasonings Madagascar Vanilla African Rooibos is one of the most delectable bags of herbs and spices that you will ever add to water!  I drink it before bed, in the morning before school, and even before workouts on occasion!  This is caffeine free, just the way i like it, but Celestial Seasonings also makes a ton of other terrific teas that have a little more kick if that is what you are looking for.

3. Favorite Shampoo
J/A/S/O/N Natural Biotin Shampoo has honestly worked magic on my extremely thin/fine hair.  In just the two months after i began using it, my hair was NOTICEABLY thicker and much softer to the touch.  I don’t know how many comments i received asking me if i had died my hair a darker shade which would be a bit ridiculous considering my hair is no more than 3 inches long.  It added THAT MUCH volume!  Apparently the active ingredient is Biotin which is an all natural way to help stimulate repair and growth of the hair follicles.

4. Favorite Toothpaste
Tom’s of Maine Natural Whole Care toothpaste has been in my cabinet for as long as i can remember!  I love everything this company stands for and i am so impressed with their website and the fact that not only do they divulge every single ingredient in all of their products, but they explain the benefits of each and every one of them!  This toothpaste comes in three all-natural varieties and believe it or not Orange-Mango is my fav!  Don’t knock it ’till you try it!


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