Butler Schmutler

April 5, 2010

Is anyone else as completely psyched as i am for this game tomorrow?  I can’t believe Michigan State lost.  I would have loved to have seen the Spartans in a match-up against my Blue Devils!  If any of you are wondering how i became a loyal Duke fan, my sister graduated from Duke in 2001 and played in the band for her entire undergrad career.  I thought she was pretty cool at the time because whenever i went to visit i always was fortunate enough to meet some of the team and play on the court.  Although the 2000-2001 team was “The Greatest” that there ever was (Shane Battier, Chris Duhon, Jason Williams, Carlos Boozer, Nate James, Elton Brand),  just to name a few, i believe strongly that Coach K. will pull it out tomorrow and bring home the net!
Okay enough basketball, until tomorrow, i have to throw some love out there to Mr. EB himself (Easter Bunny) for hooking me up this morning after church.  Check it.

That is right folks.  I have now joined the Vibram Five-Finger club.  I hope to run in these 40-50% of the time.  I got to try them out today and i plan on a longer run tomorrow to break them in.  First thoughts:  Mad comfort.  Surprisingly easy to slip on, every toe went in the correct pocket right away even though my toes are arguably more crooked then most politicians.  A few words or advice:  If you plan on buying a pair, they come in odd sizes (Read: European), but you MUST, and i mean ABSOLUTELY MUST buy them 1 size too small.  This is essential as these are even a bit big for me and they are size 45.  I wear a size 11 shoe.  They say to measure your foot, but please UNDERESTIMATE! Since i am a toe-runner, these KSOs (short for Keep-Stuff-Out) will be just what i need.  Minimal support in the arch area but more material and fabric supporting the toe-area.  I feel as though i have an extra thick layer of skin on the bottom of my feet and that is all.  Thanks EB, big ups to you and yours.

Other than that fabulous surprise, my weekend was filled with great food, choice workouts, great runs, awesome family time, and an unbelievable amount of reading in the sunshine.

Japanese Sweet Potatoes.  Not as sweet as the North American variety, but very crunchy and bold.

My families take-on-a-classic for the day.  A Tofurkey Roast looking pretty lonely defrosting.

My family is so good to me.  Check out the proof that Easter kind of snuck up on my household this year.  (Our one and only decoration, usually our house is pastel-rific.  The place mats, the bathroom accessories, the moms is very talented, but i think she was a bit busy this year!)

Freshly picked delicious, roasted lemon-grass asparagus!

Sweet ‘Tater Sticks.

Clean and crisp sweet corn.

My Easter Dinner Plate.  (Hemp Seed Oil and Flax Gravy – Sides)

A random breakfast i had after an hour run the other morning.  (Two slices sunflower sprouted bread, millet flakes, pea protein, prunes, lima beans, sweet corn, and almond butter)  I enjoy messes.

My ultimate dream house spotted on a walk.  I will own it one day.

Beautiful scenery.

Anyone else want to join me in running the Denver or Seattle marathon this year?  I will officially be signed up for both this week!  Deane, out!


I like the way you move.

March 26, 2010

Hey Guys!  Very crazy week, exam and paper yesterday, exam today and exam Monday!  So i will keep this short and sweet and start off with my third and final tip, which may just be the most important!  MUSIC.  Without a motivational factor, exercise can often be uninspired and lackluster.  I can’t stress enough how much music can provide momentum, motivation, inspiration, distraction, and also add a fun factor to your routines, runs, bike rides, even swims!  Here are a few CD’s that i have on my playlist right now, and a few favorites that you guys will have to check out…

Deane’s Music List

Kings of Leon – Only by the Night
Kanye West – Graduation
Jay-Z – The Blueprint
Muse – The Resistance
Lady Gaga – The Fame
U2 – Live From Madrid
The Shins – Chutes To Narrow
Outkast – The Love Below
RHCP – Californication

Love any of RHCP’s old stuff!  They are so fun to run to.  Here is what my eats have looked like the past couple of days, thanks for being patient while i am in the process of putting a recipe page up!

Japanese Sweet Potatoes.  Chopped.  Popped in the Oven.

A buttercup squash that i thought was a Kabocha and was so disappointed that i may have burned it purposely…

My favorite Eden product.  Makes for a quick dinner when added to some steamed veggies :)

Orange Zest & Almond Butter Granola

So crunchy, and delicious!

I will be back tomorrow with a week re-cap!  And my pumpkin-seed butter review (Bleh)  That is all that needs to be said…  I would much rather eat raw pumpkin seeds, making them into a butter is so not necessary!  :)  Deane, Out!

How not to start a blog:

January 26, 2010

Lesson 1:  If photos are necessary for the enjoyment of one’s writing, make an attempt at making sure you have a cooperative camera before beginning!

Lesson 2:  If you come to the conclusion that it is no one’s fault but your own after unsuccessfully snapping/uploading a weeks worth of pictures from TWO different cameras that appear to be taken in a cave, quit sulking and purchase a DSLR!

Lesson 3:  When purchasing a DSLR camera, DO NOT complete the transaction without first confirming that it is not JUST the body of the camera that you are receiving, but the lens as well!

Lesson 4:  Read any and all instruction manuals before attempting to use the brand new piece of complicated (i might be alone on this) equipment.  Once finished, be patient while taking the first few pictures and make sure they are suitable enough to upload.

Lesson 5:  Assure that you have a memory card in the actual camera prior to Lesson 4 or else further disappointment may ensue.

Lesson 6:  Drive around to 5 different locations in search of the proper memory card; missing 15 minutes of your morning lab in the process, and slowly start to realize that you have now spent more money on unnecessary equipment to photograph the groceries that you could have purchased for the next six months.

Ohhh Well…
On the bright side, beginning tomorrow, my meals will be able show themselves off in high definition haha… Let’s hope!
For now here is a pic of my lunch that i made quickly this morning on my way out the door.
-Sweet Potato Fries (Baked, Drizzled w/ EVOO)
-Almond Butter + Banana + Nutritional Yeast Sandwich
On Cinnamon Raisin Ezekiel Bread (Don’t knock it till’ you’ve tried it!)
-A Gnu Foods Cinnamon Raisin Bar (1 of top 5 fav. bars!)
-A Clif C Bar (first time trying it, i’ll let you know!)
-Carob-Coconut Energy Chunks (Whole Foods Bulk Section)

I have a slight addiction to the bulk section at Whole Foods.  That should tell you three things about me;  i am cheap, i eat minimally processed foods with short ingredient lists, and i secretly enjoy pulling the levers on the bulk bins (i am easily amused).

I have to get to class, but i am PUMPED to do some A+ work tonight and post my brilliant, artistic grub photos tomorrow ;)
Until then, i leave you with proof of how much i enjoy technology.  I can even find a way to make the Wii complex…
Look at the concentration!