Butler Schmutler

April 5, 2010

Is anyone else as completely psyched as i am for this game tomorrow?  I can’t believe Michigan State lost.  I would have loved to have seen the Spartans in a match-up against my Blue Devils!  If any of you are wondering how i became a loyal Duke fan, my sister graduated from Duke in 2001 and played in the band for her entire undergrad career.  I thought she was pretty cool at the time because whenever i went to visit i always was fortunate enough to meet some of the team and play on the court.  Although the 2000-2001 team was “The Greatest” that there ever was (Shane Battier, Chris Duhon, Jason Williams, Carlos Boozer, Nate James, Elton Brand),  just to name a few, i believe strongly that Coach K. will pull it out tomorrow and bring home the net!
Okay enough basketball, until tomorrow, i have to throw some love out there to Mr. EB himself (Easter Bunny) for hooking me up this morning after church.  Check it.

That is right folks.  I have now joined the Vibram Five-Finger club.  I hope to run in these 40-50% of the time.  I got to try them out today and i plan on a longer run tomorrow to break them in.  First thoughts:  Mad comfort.  Surprisingly easy to slip on, every toe went in the correct pocket right away even though my toes are arguably more crooked then most politicians.  A few words or advice:  If you plan on buying a pair, they come in odd sizes (Read: European), but you MUST, and i mean ABSOLUTELY MUST buy them 1 size too small.  This is essential as these are even a bit big for me and they are size 45.  I wear a size 11 shoe.  They say to measure your foot, but please UNDERESTIMATE! Since i am a toe-runner, these KSOs (short for Keep-Stuff-Out) will be just what i need.  Minimal support in the arch area but more material and fabric supporting the toe-area.  I feel as though i have an extra thick layer of skin on the bottom of my feet and that is all.  Thanks EB, big ups to you and yours.

Other than that fabulous surprise, my weekend was filled with great food, choice workouts, great runs, awesome family time, and an unbelievable amount of reading in the sunshine.

Japanese Sweet Potatoes.  Not as sweet as the North American variety, but very crunchy and bold.

My families take-on-a-classic for the day.  A Tofurkey Roast looking pretty lonely defrosting.

My family is so good to me.  Check out the proof that Easter kind of snuck up on my household this year.  (Our one and only decoration, usually our house is pastel-rific.  The place mats, the bathroom accessories, the moms is very talented, but i think she was a bit busy this year!)

Freshly picked delicious, roasted lemon-grass asparagus!

Sweet ‘Tater Sticks.

Clean and crisp sweet corn.

My Easter Dinner Plate.  (Hemp Seed Oil and Flax Gravy – Sides)

A random breakfast i had after an hour run the other morning.  (Two slices sunflower sprouted bread, millet flakes, pea protein, prunes, lima beans, sweet corn, and almond butter)  I enjoy messes.

My ultimate dream house spotted on a walk.  I will own it one day.

Beautiful scenery.

Anyone else want to join me in running the Denver or Seattle marathon this year?  I will officially be signed up for both this week!  Deane, out!


A Whole New World

February 18, 2010

Nope, not referring to that song you can never get out of your head from a movie EVERYONE has seen at least once in their lives (Aladdin), rather i am referring to my day yesterday.  Something must have been up, whether i was just too mentally exhausted to find my usual items grocery shopping, or i was so hungry after my workout that i felt like these would be the smart purchases at the time.  Well let me first start by saying, i am NOT disappointed.  I also realized something pretty interesting while watching the olympics pre-bed last night.  The title of my post had NO explanation what-so-ever.  I meant to tell you guys yesterday that although i am a broke college student, i do make a few bucks here and there tutoring and personally kicking peoples butts in to shape!  This leaves me in a bit of a pickle.  You see; whenever there is money in my bank account, i find myself almost feeling sorry for our economy and wanting to do my part to pump it’s status back to the norm.  And although most consider me to be very cheap conscious when it comes to purchasing any household items, food, or clothing, i am only human and feel the need to splurge every once and awhile.  Although when i do choose to hurt my bank account, i would rather do it in such a way as to give back to a company that i believe supports the earth and is pretty local!  Thus my choice that i am stuck with so i need your help;  this jacket in copper or this jacket in volcano?  You have to understand that i am fairly flamboyant when it comes to the way i like to dress.  Very bright, unusual colors is my thing.  I am famous at work for a pair of Nike Runners i love to train in, bright purple with yellow and pink accents.  Give me your opinions!  Here are some new products i picked up yesterday;

The best canned pumpkin i have found thus far.

I am not a big Tomato Sauce from a jar kind of guy.  I much prefer making my own.  But you can’t make much better than this convenient little gem with no added sugar and very low sodium content!

What better than to go with a can of fresh tomatoes and spices than an easy 5 minute solution to cooking your own beans.  Not to mention the nutrients are more readily available.  Just hydrate and serve :D  That is my kind of beans.

I was so excited to find a healthy mix of organic grains to cook up quick in the morning (unfortunately i don’t have a lot of time to be using the stove).  No sugar, extremely low sodium, organic, and 25% less packaging used.  Sign me up!

Along with a ton of other fresh produce i managed to find on sale, i came across these slightly less appealing, dense, tree-branch looking logs.  But if i learned anything from Walt Disney himself, i would know never to judge a book by its cover.  Or by it’s name in this case.  This is a Yucca.  Yes, a Yucca.  Prepared last night with the help of a carrot peeler and a very sharp knife.  Wonderful taste, not strong at all!  See, this is a whole new world of foods.  Every turn a surprise.  Hold your breath it gets better…

Perhaps the pinnacle of my shopping trip.  An aloe leaf.  Which happened to be about 3 and 1/2 feet long before i cut it down to fit into a couple zip-locks.  This went into my Earth Shake this morning and added a mild, slightly sweet and smooth texture.  Great for your skin, and digestion!  Before i leave you to go to my last class and get my run in, make sure you check out my “Can’t Live Without” page for all my favorite products that will be updated regularly!  If you guys have any foods that you think i should definitely know about or should be including in my life, hit me up in the comments section.  And if that song is not stuck in your head like it is in mine by now, your lucky.  A whole new worrrrld, Don’t you dare close your eyes… Deane, Out!