Oh, Hey! Remember me?

May 22, 2010

Wow, these past few weeks have been a whirlwind!  Not only have i had the chance to see a lot of family, but i also have been able to relax (aka – no schoolwork, training, and even taking it easy running).  That last one is always tough for me, but once i remember how important time off from pounding one’s own joints to oblivion can be, i wipe my anxious feelings away and my body thanks me for it later!  I have been indulging in many treats, long walks, have come very close to adopting a dog (though not yet, i know the time will be right soon), i have also completely cleaned out my entire house to ready myself for my upcoming move and i pretty much have everything that is of mega importance smashed into three boxes!  Can you believe it?  Three boxes!  Well that and the rest of my stuff at my other house, but i was pretty impressed.  I threw so much away, found a ton of things that i didn’t even remember i had (great books, old pictures, a brand new wallet?, cds, movies, a bunch of old school papers)…  All in all the entire clean-out took me an entire day, and that was not even including the pantry!  Don’t even get me started at what i found in the pantry and cupboards at my father’s house…  He had a can of beets in there that expired in 1991.  I almost ate them too…  Don’t ask me why, this means that can has traveled with him at over 11 different houses… He had spices in there as well as Celestial Seasoning Teas that have been untouched since 1988.  That is almost older than me.  Can you say, move yourself from now on. What most people don’t understand about commercial moving services is that they will move everything; even full trash cans!  I actually ate a can of green beans while at my fathers that i had purchased before my parents were divorced, and they were pretty good; for 12 year old legumes that is!

Onto the point of this post!  You all know that i am participating in a few road races this year, but what you may not know is that i am attempting to raise as much as possible for the Denver Dumb Friends League (which is where two of my rescued pets have come from). I have a certain goal in my head that will remain there until race day in hopes that disappointment will be avoided because, realistically, ANY amount raised is absolutely a positive and nothing else. The DDFL was founded in 1910 and provides food and shelter to over 25,000 lost or abandoned animals a year in the Denver Metropolitan area.  They also investigate animal cruelty cases, provide education about the humane treatment of animals to thousands of children and adults, and they also offer donor-subsidized spaying and neutering of pets in under-served communities.   They are an amazing private, non-profit organization that deserves much more than support, they deserve a few pats on the back as well.  Through locally raffling off a few brand new pairs of running shoes that i have purchased as well as providing a few free in-person + online personal consultations/training sessions, i am going to try my best to provide as much help as possible to provide the best care and nutrition for the other amazing animals without a warm bed and adequate health-care across my home-state.  How can you guys help?  Anyone looking to bust themselves into healthy shape,  learn a few kick-butt principles to help achieve a solid lean and green lifestyle while saving animals in the process?  Well i am your guy!  I am willing to provide as much help as possible with whatever goals you may have set for yourself; even if you haven’t yet, i can help get you there!   Whether you are an avid-runner looking to switch up your workouts and increase your speed, or you are looking to break off a relationship with your couch and make him a bit jealous in the process, i promise to work-out whatever problem you throw at me and know that the DDFL would appreciate the help!  By the way, i really am not looking to set a price for these sessions because i believe that would be unproductive and i would not be able to come up with a price that i felt was right to “charge” people for my services in order to benefit an organization that i might feel differently towards.  This is why i think it would be most beneficial to allow you to decide how much you would be willing to provide after i have provided you with a program or the advice/consulting you were looking for.   Although i find that it is more difficult to provide adequate info online geared properly towards a clients specific needs, i have done it before and have had much success in the past!  If you or anyone you know are interested, they can find me at afdeane@ymail.com.  Just specify in your email exactly what you are looking to achieve and we will go from there :)  Thanks Again Guys!  Deane, Out!