Big News.

July 14, 2010

For starters… I must apologize for my absence for the past 2 months.  Towards the end of May i found myself in a bit of a predicament.  It was basically then or never to make the absolute most of my time this Summer seeing that the internship i was competing for was quickly approaching it’s deadline and i needed to have some answers, pronto!  Well, i began tutoring a little boy recently as he is in 5th grade and reads at a much lower level, and that has sprung a completely new interest/business for me this Summer that was pretty unexpected.  I have always loved tutoring/training teens and adults closer to my age or older, but because i lacked any experience with elementary children, i never knew how much i would appreciate it!  This has been a wonderful way to spend the last few months, and i hope i have helped many people in the process of saving, saving, saving!  My big news pretty much pertains to my move in that i have SET A DATE!  I will officially be Seattle bound (to pursue my masters degree in nutrition and natural medicine) on a specific date and i simply could not be more excited… Other than that, today is my day of birth, and i am kind of having a little quarter-life crisis.  Fortunately i don’t have many obligations today other than a trip to the student loan office which just so happens to be about 22 miles from my house.  So i thought:  What better way to spend my 22nd birthday than to bike 22 miles and come home for a party/cake?  That sounds like an amazing low-key bday to me… I am off to go do this, i will repeat back tonight/tomorrow with the extensive breakdown of Mama Pea inspired eats that my family/friends agreed (once i convinced them) to make for me :)  Hey, they asked…  Get ready for some big changes coming up on the blog soon!  Deane, Out.