Tomorrow, Tomorrow. I love ya.

April 21, 2010

Why yes, i am referring to a famous song sung by a 9-year-old, red-haired girl.  And yes, i have been singing that song in my head all day in anticipation of writing my LAST EXAM of the semester.  Oh the happiness and freedom that tomorrow will bring… I know i am making my coursework sound outrageously time consuming and occupying, but you have to remember, i am also a tutor and exam time does not mean cramming for MY own exams alone… It usually means providing emergency assistance to all of the procrastinating freshmen and sophs who have attended very little classes all year!  Do i enjoy seeing them squirm come exam time?  Well, the more students in trouble, the more $$ in my pocket, right?  So i guess i get a little joy out of it, and i don’t feel the least bit guilty, unless of course i let it affect my own grades, which i should be getting back this week!
Onto the good stuff!   I have some crazy ideas in the works for upcoming posts for these next four weeks or so.  Not only am i going to be hosting my first GIVEAWAY (hint:  think hemp), but i have a pretty cool little project that is currently in the planning/startup stages that will make it’s debut on my blog sometime next week.  My family has really taken initiative this year and we all agreed that the races that myself and my other family members run this year should reflect not only our passion in life, but our affected souls as well.  Therefor i will be running two marathons so far and possibly a third for a close friends organization and attempting to raise as much as possible, and you guys are lucky (haha) enough to follow me the entire way (through video from a camera i will be lucky enough to borrow for a few weeks, you will witness my continued training, several key strength workouts i complete regularly, stretching for runners 101, stability ball workouts, and maybe even into my kitchen for a few how-to recipe challenges!)
Again the races i have already planned on running include:  The Seattle Marathon, and The Denver Marathon.  The Detroit Free Press Marathon is in October and i have to decide this week if that will be possible that week as well!  If any of you plan on running either of these races, don’t hesitate to let me know!  I love meeting new people, especially readers or other bloggers and if you decide to race and end up finishing ahead of me, i will treat you to some coffee or if you are really fast, maybe even some WF hot bar (as that seems to be where my friends and i find ourselves after a race)! ;)  I love competition if you haven’t noticed!  Looking forward to getting back to some pics and wrap-ups of my week tomorrow!  Have a great night everyone!  Deane, Out!


7 Responses to “Tomorrow, Tomorrow. I love ya.”

  1. Katie said

    As I write this, you are FINISHED with your last exam!! How frekin’ exciting is that??! Ahhh, that’s the best feeling. The best.

    Whohoo for the marathon’s (especially the Denver one!! :-))

  2. Great blog…will be interesting to follow your running pursuits. I found you through Jenna’s by the way!!

  3. Mama Pea said

    I bet right know you are KILLING that test!!! I hope you get a chance to celebrate tonight…even it just means making some crazy vegan mish mosh meal. Good luck!

  4. clairedille said

    I am going to sign up for the detroit half or full marathon for my first long long distance run! I haven’t trained for anything longer than a 10K race so yikes…but definitely think you should do it! Have any favorite training guides? there are so many out there…

    • leangreendeane said

      I say, run as much as you feel you should, and make sure to get in at least a couple of 20-24 milers in the last few weeks before the marathon and you will be golden. And don’t eat anything DIFFERENT on race day :) Know what works for you and keep it up! Good luck with the race, the Detroit full is a great run!

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