I like girls that wear Abercrombie and Fitch.

April 8, 2010

Chinese food actually does make me sick.  And so does that song.  But it does remind me of Summer…

WARNING:  This post contains absolutely no photographs of food what so ever.  By reading on, i assume you are fully aware this is more than just a food blog in that it is a reflection of my life.  As of late my life hasn’t been so much about fantastic and inspired meals other than a few that i will talk about later this week inspired by Mama Pea herself…  For the past 2-3 weeks, my life has looked a whole lot like this:

Considering i have 6 exams in the next nine days to get through before my “Summer” can officially begin and i can move on to my Summer courses and influx of clients looking for their beach bodies they seemed to have left behind last year, i would say that my time has been spent rather productively, but i haven’t had time to do some of the things that i love doing.  These include, but are not limited to: Writing, reading for pleasure, cooking, meeting up with friends for non-class related reasons…  Why have i neglected these lately?  Simple answer:  I am fairly obsessive and compulsive when it comes to my grades, studying for any exam, and tend to throw knowledge, exercise, and nutrition into the mega-important priority pile!  However, i know that starting this blog was something i was very passionate about at the time and i realize it was because i began writing while i had more time (Winter Break).  I have struggled lately to find a suitable window between my balance of classes, work and social interactions that do not involve the word neuromuscular to write on a semi-decent topic that is worth reading.  I assure all of you that this is something i love doing, and not only do i promise to all of you that my posts will be more inspiring after next week, but i will finally have that window to write about everything i love about life! :)  I can assure you, my life is a lot more exciting when i am not buried in textbooks!  Plans for this Summer include a trip to a sunny destination that is currently in the works…

I will more than likely be able to re-take on my role as DD for a few nights this summer :)

I may set another goal similar to when i vowed to ruin every prom picture that was taken of me…

Being the only one who doesn’t drink of your crew does have its perks!  Sometimes it involves awkward pictures that they often don’t remember taking… but you sure do.

I may even get the opportunity to go and visit my Dad if he ends up moving to South America.

And of course, i will guarantee you that there will be pounds of delicious foods consumed throughout!  As always… Deane, Out!


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  1. Jenna said

    Hey! I just found your blog from Mama Peas and I can’t wait to read more!!
    Love LFOs summertime song because I work at A&F and love summerrrrr ;) ha

  2. Lauren said

    You should never feel obligated to talk about anything or post pictures of food! Its your own blog to do what you want with. I hope your studying goes well.

    • leangreendeane said

      Maybe this post came off wrong? That was not my intent what so ever to say that i feel obligated to blog about a certain topic. It was more of a, “bare with me while i attempt to get into the grad school of my choice” type thing… Thanks for the good vibes :) Appreciate it.

  3. What is your e-mail?

  4. Sana said

    Hey! I think I sent you an e-mail but I am not sure if you got it. That is A TON of exams- I had two last week, pretty sure I failed both. I can’t figure out how to study well :( I would love a speed training workout plan ;)

    • leangreendeane said

      I am sure you didn’t fail!! I always find that the exams i feel i did the best on, i end up doing worse than the ones i am unsure about. You’ll pull through it. And why don’t you email me with a little history of your running/athletic endeavors and 5k, mile, and 400m times and i will try and shoot you something back once i am in the clear with these tests… Sound good? You have my email i believe…

  5. your dad might move to south america? sweet! i love non-food posts sometimes, it’s awesome to get a glimpse of bloggers lives aside from just their eats you know?? i hope you have been enjoying some ab filled apples lately ;)

    • Adam said

      He does a lot of work down there, so it makes more sense for him since he is there almost 20 weeks of the year! How are you doing, everything okay?

  6. Aaah it’s so refreshing to see someone else young who doesn’t drink! Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one in the world (all my friends, family do etc), so I’m SO glad there are others :)
    Good photos too! Your friend on the right in the pic below the green frog pic – he looks like Steve-o from Jackass :P
    Good luck with your exams!

    • Adam said

      Haha, i will tell him that when i see him next! He will laugh i am sure. Thanks for the luck, and no, you are not alone! Don’t worry :)

  7. When I was 18-21 I never drank. I was too much of a school nerd to be drinking. Graduated from college and went thru ages 21-28 a HEAVY drinker and god, it was so much fun :) But I got pregnant, got on top of all my food allergies, and have had 1 drink in 4+ yrs. I dont miss it. I miss the fun times, but not the alcohol, the carefree times of early 20s, thats what i miss a bit.

    Nice abs, btw. (hottie!)

  8. Mama Pea said

    How adorable are you? Pea Daddy doesn’t drink either, never has, never will. I totally respect that about him (and you!).

    I am totally rooting for you this week!!!

    • Adam said

      Ah, thanks so much MP! I will take all of the rooting/luck i can get this week. Once i make it through, i feel i will be a new person :)

  9. katie said

    wow i think that is soo cool that you dont drink! yeahhh! go you!
    im eavesdropping but whats this “speed” workout in the comment above me? im interested!

    • Adam said

      Hey Katie! Are you interested in building up your speed? I write several programs up/week for clients that either have races coming up or are just new to running and looking to increase their endurance or speed!

  10. I very rarely drink, but don’t care if others do. It just doesn’t sit well in mah belleh.

    Hilarious pics. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Katie said

    I was/am the friend who doesn’t drink, too. I don’t mind being a DD, and I like playing bad music that my friends hate when I drive them around. I also like being silly, and I think my goofy sober personality goes well with drunk people. Hah. What fun things to look forward to!

    Also, I meant to email you yesterday, how often do you recommend doing the speed workout you sent?? Thanks again, I’m SO excited for the next chance I get to bust it out!

    • Adam said

      I don’t mind either, at all! It is a great form of entertainment and if i am doing someone a favor + preventing an accident in the process, great! A goofy teacher who loves to annoy her drunk friends? I think we would get along well… haha.

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