Sweet Burgers?

April 1, 2010

I am at school right now, sitting next to a fine young lady who has been sniffling for the past 92 minutes.  It has taken everything in me to practice self-control and not ask her if she needs a tissue and if she would like me to go get her one.  On a much lighter note, check out my newest re-creation i prepped last night based on a childhood favorite.  Does anyone remember those insanely good Coconut Pecan Fritters that they would sell around christmas time?  No?  Just a Colorado thing, maybe?  Well this is going to sound new to you!

Honey’d Pecan N’ Coconut Burgers

1 cup     Cooked Kashi Seven Grain Pilaf
1/4 cup     Flax Seeds
1/4 cup     Shredded Coconut
1/4 cup     Crushed Pecans
1/2 cup     Whole Spelt Flour

1/4 cup     Organic Honey
1 cup     Unsweetened Hemp Milk, Almond Milk
1/4 cup     Dried Mulberries

SIMPLE!  Mix together dry and wet ingredients in one big bowl, add some hemp seed oil or almond oil (from the top of your almond butter jars) to a pan (I eye it out, roughly 1 Tbs) and cook as if they were actual burgers!

Easy enough?  I thought so.

Were they good?  I had two after dinner last night, two for breakfast this morning, and one after lunch a few hours ago.  I guess so.  Deane, out!


11 Responses to “Sweet Burgers?”

  1. I just found your blog and I’m loving it! These especially look delicious. I can’t wait to follow along. LOVE all your travel adventures.

  2. What was that girls deal?!?!?! I am also in my 1.5 last year of biochem! I am going to enjoy reading up on your blog :)

  3. Astrid said

    I just found your blog and love these burgers! I am always experimenting with burger patty recipes, especially veggie ones. These seem pretty wonderful, and there is nothing wrong with sweet things. Ever. Your story seems awesome, with all of the places you’ve lived. You truly seem be be treating life as a huge adventure! I wish I could be brave enough to do the same more of the time.

  4. just wanted to say that the email you sent me was fantastic, loved the “motivation” level for men vs. women when you or the other trainer are working. That was classic. And the certif you have in Canada…very cool that you’re thinking of getting another one for the US. Anyway, I think I am gonna do Ace but need to think on it for another week or so but i am the perpetual student so will probably just dive in :)

  5. Katie said

    Oh my gosh, that pecan coconut mix would knock my socks off. Those are two of my favorite flavors on earth. I need to get my butt in gear and start trying some of your awesome recipes! Also, I DON’T know those fritter things…and I’m in COLORADO! I’m missing out…or maybe I’ll just make your version and call it a day.

    Also, I would have handed the sniffle girl a tissue. No doubt in my mind.

  6. greenbean said

    so many times i’ve wanted to pass “that girl” a tissue!

  7. OMG those look great and i love that there are no BEANS in them! Amen. I dont make veggie burgers b/c I really dislike tons of beans, they are inherently just too much for my body, also not a hummus girl, the only blogger who isn’t i think. anyway, great work on those!

    And if I were the sniffly young girl, I would have been both flattered and mortified (that i was snotting all over next to a hot guy in class like you!) if you offered me a kleenex. As a grown woman, I can totally say that that gesture though, would be amazing. You’re just gonna make the best husband and dad…I can tell the way you write about skylar and kids that you’re gonna be awesome…in like a decade when the time is more right :)

  8. elise said

    wow. i really want to try that – sounds great. bookmarking it!

  9. A mulberry…that sounds so familiar, but I totally can’t place it – are they like gooseberries?
    LOL @ sniffing girl – I feel your pain!

  10. Lauren said

    I’ve never heard of such a thing, but they sound really good. And so creative!

    Its kind of you to want to help that girl. Sometimes people are so embarrassed when they are so sad in public, that its better not to say anything. Other times they really appreciate the kindness. I never know what would be the best thing to do in a situation like that.

  11. Mama Pea said

    I’ve never had a Colorado fritter, but those look fantastic! The batter looks like German chocolate cake frosting, and that’s never a bad thing :)

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