I like the way you move.

March 26, 2010

Hey Guys!  Very crazy week, exam and paper yesterday, exam today and exam Monday!  So i will keep this short and sweet and start off with my third and final tip, which may just be the most important!  MUSIC.  Without a motivational factor, exercise can often be uninspired and lackluster.  I can’t stress enough how much music can provide momentum, motivation, inspiration, distraction, and also add a fun factor to your routines, runs, bike rides, even swims!  Here are a few CD’s that i have on my playlist right now, and a few favorites that you guys will have to check out…

Deane’s Music List

Kings of Leon – Only by the Night
Kanye West – Graduation
Jay-Z – The Blueprint
Muse – The Resistance
Lady Gaga – The Fame
U2 – Live From Madrid
The Shins – Chutes To Narrow
Outkast – The Love Below
RHCP – Californication

Love any of RHCP’s old stuff!  They are so fun to run to.  Here is what my eats have looked like the past couple of days, thanks for being patient while i am in the process of putting a recipe page up!

Japanese Sweet Potatoes.  Chopped.  Popped in the Oven.

A buttercup squash that i thought was a Kabocha and was so disappointed that i may have burned it purposely…

My favorite Eden product.  Makes for a quick dinner when added to some steamed veggies :)

Orange Zest & Almond Butter Granola

So crunchy, and delicious!

I will be back tomorrow with a week re-cap!  And my pumpkin-seed butter review (Bleh)  That is all that needs to be said…  I would much rather eat raw pumpkin seeds, making them into a butter is so not necessary!  :)  Deane, Out!


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  1. Katie said

    I always forget about putting canned beans on veggies to bump the protein! What a great idea – those look like a stellar product, too. And oh my word – that orange zest and almond butter granola!! I can’t imagine how divine that tastes. Sorry to hear about the pumpkin butter :-( I had high hopes.

    Good luck with all your school work…

  2. Lauren said

    Thanks for the playlist! I’m always looking for new ones…

    PS: I also hear that Eden brand cans are free of bisphenol A…which is that crappy substance in plastic (like baby bottles) that leaches into food and is absolutely bad for you. So Eden is the way to go!

  3. OMG love the playlist. I am always needing to burn new lists for my yoga classes and although i love traditional yoga music, most students that i teach (in gym settings), do not. So this is a perfect list. and i love rhcp’s too! vintage love. for sure!

    the beans…OMG you are the low salt master! The mustard tip and the beans. I hate baked beans in a can b/c of all the salt BUT i also am never gonna make them, its just not gonna happen. This is perfect, will keep eye out.

    your comment to me re transformating ones body if they have 20% + body fat…yeah. So true. And i will def take you up on your offer of help if I find I am stuck, or clueless. The later is more likely the scenario. I am super strong from yoga, just not as ripped as some of those chicks. I need to work on that and i think i am there.

    Have an awesome day!!!!!

  4. You got some good taste in music there! I approve of all the stuff that I’ve heard of :D
    I seriously can’t wait for your recipe page – I think I’ll take a week off life, just to re-create the joy! Good luck with all your work :)

  5. I’m definitely keeping an eye out for that Eden product. I knew they made plain old beans but never fancier, flavored ones

    • leangreendeane said

      The great part about them is that they are all-natural, very minimal sodium content, and the cans i have heard are free of preservation chems as well!

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