Workin’ Up A Sweat.

March 21, 2010

Ever wonder why you are the only one on the recumbent bike who isn’t drenched in your own sweat?  How about the reason for your gym-buddy’s amazing fitness levels and yours are pretty lack-luster even though you always hit the gym together?  Based on huge mistakes i see every single day and studying the human body for a living, i have compiled a few tips for getting the most from every single workout.  Over the next week i will be providing one tip per post,  we’ll call them:

Lean Deane’s Tips For The Ultimate Running Machine

  1. Cardio.  Cardio.  Cardio.

    Even though 80% of people that walk into any health club are looking for the quickest way to a firm, lean, and toned body; they do not realize that strength training will NOT get you there ALONE.  One of the biggest missteps I see people make is strength training 5 days a week, maybe one or two body parts a day or what they call “concentrations” and come in on the weekends for a few hours of cardiovascular activity.  People, not only are you not going to reach any goal that you have set for yourself this way, but you are setting yourself up for a slew of injuries in your near future.  Working one or two muscles a day will often bring more mass to the specified muscle itself and if your main goal is to lose that extra weight you have been carrying around, this should become first priority.  Building muscle will be integrated in, but believe it or not cardiovascular exercise is capable of both burning fat AND building muscle simultaneously, if you know what you are doing!  Walking for twenty minutes on the treadmill is obviously not the way to activate your machine to burn excess fat, but it is a starting place!
    Any type of cardiovascular exercise can be rated on how effective it is or isn’t based on your heart rate before, during, and after you take part in the event.  If you are a person who is fairly new to aerobic activity (requiring more oxygen than anaerobic activity) than you may want to ease into a new program because you do not want to put unfamiliar strain on your heart and lungs.  Your cardiovascular system is SMART.  It is capable of memory and will let you know when you are doing good for yourself vs. sending yourself to an early grave.  A general rule for people who are 21- 65 for a healthy HR range goal while exercising is to take your age, subtract it from 180 for your minimal heart rate for burning fat and engaging in efficient activity, and add 20-30 for the max heart rate.  For example, i am 21 and my healthy range would be AROUND 159-189.  Have i ever seen my heart rate go above this number?  Yes, but i like to keep it under 189 and it is NOT necessary for anyones HR to ever exceed this number.  Sprinting, high-knee intervals, or stair runs are often the culprit for my extreme HR levels.  I usually like to keep my heart rate around 170-175 while running.  Of course this is different for everyone and not only depends on your age and fitness levels, but any past history or problems you or your family have had regarding disease or sickness.  A general rule that i give to most of my clients is any form of cardiovascular activity, preferably outdoors (fresh air is always better) for 25 minutes IN the target HR zone three times a week.  This is a great way to ensure a longer, healthier life, and will also help you reach any weight goal you may have if paired with a decent strength training program!  This may mean a 5 minute warm-up jog, combined with a 25 minute run, and a five minute cool-down jog.  You do not want to abruptly halt a strenuous activity for several reasons, the most important being that it is not beneficial and will cause your HR to sink rapidly rather than easing it back down to resting or low activity levels.  Of course people who plan on training for a road race or another competition will want a more intense schedule, but this is a GENERAL rule that i provide for first-timers and maintainers.  A health evaluation is often necessary to outline any fitness goals you may have.  If anyone is curious about anything that i have written or write in the future, contact me with all of your questions and i will try and respond as quickly as i can!  Although i do dedicate most of my time to either learning about the human body or training it, i urge you to only take my words as knowledgeable opinions and to consult a doctor or health practitioner for any questions you may have before starting any type of regime!

    I’ll leave you with a few meals and a few questions that i have come up with in the past few days!

    Steamed Asparagus/Broccoli/Brussels topped with chopped Roma Tomatoes and Nutritional Yeast.  I eat A LOT of greens :)

    Steamed Mung Bean + Peaches and Cream Corn + Nutritional Yeast ( i put it on everything! )  I know my meal pictures are pretty unappealing as of late, but i promise you that they will get better from here on out due to the fact that i will have a little bit more time to not only cook some different things i have been waiting to try, but make them look presentable and sit down to a real meal rather than grabbing and going!

    So what if i think chick peas, bosc pears, sweet potato chunks, sweet corn, homemade granola, turkish apricots, and nutritional yeast are a good mix?   This is the norm for me… You should see what i eat when i’m feeling off… ;)

    And a few important, but random questions for all of you guys out there:  Have you ever been to Seattle?  Any great restaurants, or places i should know about?  And how many of you payed your own way through undergrad, graduate/med/law school, and how did you deal with the debt?  Did you pay it off right away?  Did you work three jobs while in school?  How did your life change in the process?  Were you able to keep relationships with your friends in the process?  Thanks guys!  Deane, out.


5 Responses to “Workin’ Up A Sweat.”

  1. Katie said

    That asparagus/broccoli brussles mix looks fantastic! Also – you just reminded me that I REALLY wanted to put nutritional yeast on a salad I just ate, but I FORGOT – dang it. I may have to have another for dinner just so I can have it. :-)

    Thanks for the gym tip, too – I’m looking forward to the rest!

  2. jqlee said

    I definitely agree that strength isn’t going to do it alone. One of my friends lifts like 4 times a week and HATES cardio so he never does it. Honestly, it’s a waste of time for him to even lift because he has looked the exact same for three years now. Maybe he’s “strong” but there are no cosmetic results from his workouts.

    I’m lucky enough to have most of my college paid for through scholarships. I have a very small school loan and I think I’ll only have to make payments for 2 years or so. I did work in college though because I never wanted to ask my parents for money. I still dont. I think I should be responsible for myself considering my parents were paying for all other school related things like my condo, books, etc.

  3. Mama Pea said

    All your “strange” combinations look good to me!

    You have to go to Pike’s Market when you are in Seattle. So much fresh produce you will go CRRRRRAZY! There is also a great restaurant in the Market there called Turkish Delight with the BEST lentil soup you will ever have in your life!

  4. omg seattle yes!! For sure go to any seafood restaurant, as they are amazing. Also you NEED to go to Cafe Vita or Vivace for an espresso. Best in town!


  5. Wow, that workout stuff sounds SO scientific, it’s very over my head!
    Your food – I love it! Random combinations are the best :D
    Seattle wise – I think it’s fab there; It looks good in Grey’s Anatomy at least :p
    I’ve got a student loan to get me through uni :P I can’t wait for the debt…espec if I do postgrad! Hooray for the $100k+……!!

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