Leprechauns love eggplant.

March 17, 2010

Yeah, probably not.  But i am going to pretend they do because i literally had NOTHING green left in my house to cook.  So steamed parsnips and grilled eggplant seemed like the perfect St. Patrick’s Day Dinner… No?

The eggplant was grilled in my favorite eggplant grilling sauce, which just so happens to have a wonderful background (read bottle) and is very low-sodium.  Perfect taste and smells wonderful, just the right amount of tang and spice!

All grilled up and ready for the oven at 350* for 5 minutes to take away the excess moisture.

Lunch today consisted of a grilled vegan cheese sammich on seedy ezekiel bread… mmm.

The little burnt guy was the end of the loaf, love those…
Anyone else have problems keeping these ridiculous little buggers in their ears while running?

Sorry for the fuzzy pic, but these don’t deserve any better… I HATE “EARBUDS”.  Whoever first referred to them as buds couldn’t have been more wrong.  They should be called earenemies.  Thus why i used a very tight Under Armor hat to keep them in.

Sure running is an amazing workout, but i feel like my arms are losing out on the deal on my long runs.  This is where these gems come in…  500g weighted gloves.  Lovely.  And since my Polar Heart Rate Monitor strap ripped around Christmas time, and i will not run without my Timex Ironman watch, i have to basically rig an ankle brace around myself and run the wire out the back and into my shorts pocket which makes for a ridiculous looking contraption… I would post a pic but it is pretty embarrassing!  Hope everyone enjoys there St. Pat’s Day.  Stay safe.  Deane, out.


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  1. AGREED! earenemies for sure! i can use them when i do something low impact like elliptical, but when it comes to running i bust out the dorky kind of headphones..you know, old school style with the two round parts for your ear and the part that goes over your head. i’m not describing them well but you know what i mean! they stay in place quite nicely :)

  2. Katie said

    Oh my gosh, I thought I was the ONLY person on earth who hated earbuds. I love the term earenemies – I will be referring to them as such from here on out. I can only run with music in the winter so that my hat/ear warmer can hold them in my ears. In the summer, the ipod is a no-go. I’m constantly on the lookout for good headphones. Puhleeze let me know if you find any good ones – we must have freak ears.

  3. Oohh that aubergine looks good!
    I have serious ear plug issues when running too – I always wear a hat, but I can’t do that for much longer with the warmer weather :'(
    Haha weighted gloves -love it! Over here you can but weighted knives and forks (like proper 1kg+ weights) – I think it’s bordering on weird tho….
    Good to see some parsnips!

  4. elise said

    hahahaha…ear enemies. you are hilarious. they work for me!! maybe its your ears!! jk. anyways, im not gonna lie, i may need to find that chimichurri sauce bc my habit of buying seitan chimichurri from the WF prepared section has in fact put me in debt. but the WF one is green? what is chimichurri anyways?

  5. I’ve never had parsnips and I keep meaning to buy them. I want to try them.

  6. i gave you a shoutout in my post yesterday re the mustard. didnt have it at WF :( but gonna order it online.

    coconut shreds…you can buy it from WF or from http://www.tropicaltraditions.com or sometimes i buy from the groc store. yes, it’s sweetened but for desserts i make that i sweeten anyway, it’s fine. just depends on application and end usage goal. Honestly though, i think coconut oil is highly versatile, more so than coconut shreds but that’s just me :)

    • leangreendeane said

      Oh, i just read it! Thanks so much… I hope you are able to find it for a pretty good price online, let me know what you think! And i will definitely check out that site! -Deane

      On Thu, 18 Mar 2010 07:31:35 +0000

  7. jqlee said

    I love egg plants!

  8. chimi churri! I have heard of that stuff before, but never tried it. I am on a misson to find some now!

    and to answer your question, i got the brown rice syrup from: http://www.suzannes-specialties.com/khxc/index.php?app=ccp0&ns=prodshow&ref=strawbry_rice&sid=wt89rtna7c99ot819ky9j52aicxz9gro

  9. I can never deal with earbuds. I’d rather go without

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