Westward Bound.

March 15, 2010

Good morning!  I trust all of you have taken to the lost hour of sleep fairly well this morning.  I must say, I didn’t really even notice it was gone… The main reason being that my trusty alarm clock of 12 years decided yesterday was it’s last and didn’t inform me of this… and you think you know someone… :)  Oh well, other than having 10 minutes to shower, eat breakfast, and finish cleaning up after making a gigantic mess of the kitchen opening a kombucha i would consider my morning fairly productive.  My breakfast consisted of a pre-baked treat that was excellent:

Any guesses?  This is sliced sweet potatoes swimming in hot, unsweetened, chocolate almond milk.  Still stumped?  Add organic oatbran, flax seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, and what do you get?

Some weird looking, yet very tasty mini sweet potato muffins!  Unfortunately i think i am too late for Sarah’s SP Challenge but they were great none the less!

They came out of the pan surprisingly well, which is a definite first for me!  I attribute this wonderful phenomenon to coating the pan in the oil that rises to the top of natural almond butter.  I get creative when i don’t want to use olive oil for breakfast foods…
Lunch for the past few days consisted of some homemade vegan lasagna that i stole when i was home this weekend! :) Thanks, mom!  I noticed it kind of resembles a Hungry Hippie‘s version, and since i don’t have the recipe for this one and it is considered to be a family secret, i would suggest using Elise’s!

Apparently Snoop would enjoy some as well… Sorry, you are the reason i yet to have a dog, so I don’t think so.

Now on to the title of my post.  I am officially Colorado bound after my last exam!!! Where to from there?  That will depend on my job choices!  So far San Francisco is looking pretty promising! :)   I can’t wait.  It seems like everyone in my family has been traveling all over the world this year already, except me!  My sister just got back from Hong Kong, my pops just got back from Peru… It’s my turn :)  Where are you traveling this summer?  Any big plans?  Deane, Out!


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  1. Laura said

    You’re the first person I’ve found that has the same blog template as me =P

    But hello anyways!!
    I vote San Fran btw =]

  2. I’m a total muffin girl and those look bomb.com. I’ve got to give those a try! :)

  3. elise said

    colorado! have fun fun fun. the sweet tater muffins and lasag both look awesome…but then i already know the lasag is awesome :)

    • leangreendeane said

      thanks thanks thanks :) ya, my mom is quite the cook, she says her recipe is secret but i found it the other day… it’s very similar to yours!

  4. Katie said

    Ahh I love kitty eying your lasagna. But more importantly, YAY COLORADO!! It was super sunny and Coloradoish today. I’m excited for you. And even though you were late, I say you should win the SP challenge, those muffins look insane.

    • leangreendeane said

      Ah, i miss Coloradoish weather… The muffins were good, but i made a HUGE mistake. Never put any type of muffin in a zip lock for storage in the fridge. They get all moist and chewy… Not a fan the day after!

  5. wow those muffins look stellar! You are brave to do those without using paper liners…I can never get muffins to unstick themselves unless i use liners..ha!

    Have a great week, Adam!

  6. those look delish!!

    and congrats on the colorado move!! I wold LOVE to live there :] all the mountains and all, it sounds so great!


    • leangreendeane said

      Yes, the Rockies are so wonderful! I love doing just about any sport in the mountains!

  7. kbwood said

    thanks soo much for your comment!! SO glad we agree w. the late night snacking thing!!
    okay lasagna is MY FAV ITALIAN FOOD EVER!!
    Colorado is freaking SWEET-so beautiful! This summer wont be TOO exciting, hopefully next summer ill be in brazil!

  8. Mama Pea said

    You are just the craftiest cook I’ve ever seen, and from a feller no less! I’m so impressed.

    We may be going to Disneyland in September for someone’s birthday. It’s a 3 year old’s rite of passage in this house :)

    • leangreendeane said

      Psh, this coming from the CC and Lime Cookie Creator! :) That means a lot! Disney is a must for everyone at some point in their life… I went when i was three as well, but my sister was 12 at the time and didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as the rest of us, she was at that “too cool for all of this” stage.

  9. my vote is for san francisco!! that’s where all the cool kids are (well, that’s where i am, and that’s all that matters haha) yay!! how exciting

    • leangreendeane said

      I really hope that is where i will be able to go! I love everything about SF! I heard there are some great running spots there as well, you will have to fill me in…

  10. :O I am BEGGING you to make a recipe page! Or at least do a proper recipe post on those sweet potato muffin things, cos ooohmygosh they look amaaze!
    I love that cat in the last picture – beautiful!
    I’m not going anywhere this summer – but in Oct I’m going to Washington DC to run my first marathon *touch wood*!! SO excited!
    I hear San Francisco is awesome, it’d be amazing if you got a job there!

    • leangreendeane said

      Recipe page coming this weekend! That is so awesome that you are running DC in October… You will rock it i am sure!

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