Time Crunch.

March 12, 2010

I think they should make a breakfast cereal called “Time Crunch”.  I would buy it!  Often times i find myself waking up, showering/brushing my teeth and literally running out the door.  I forget all about breakfast on occasion, especially when i have no time to make my Earth Shakes.  This is where Time Crunch would come in handy.  My week this week can pretty much be summed up in one word:  Productive.  Although, i have not been nearly as productive on the blog front and feel as though i have been neglecting my page a bit in all the hustle and bustle.  Therefor i pledge that tomorrow i will get ya’ll caught up with photos of what my week has been like and even a glimpse into one of my famous workout sessions! ;)  Until then here was dinner tonight >

Steamed SP’s and Parsnips ever so eloquently placed on a pan lid for photographing.   Time crunch people, remember?  Clearly my priorities are more aligned with the taste rather than the presentation.  I also had a new flav of Kombucha (It was the blue one from a few weeks ago, yes i just got around to drinking it).  I have to say, it was pretty tasty, very different from anything else i have ever tasted and did not leave a vinegary aftertaste.  It is very hard to explain, but it was similar to a fermented blueberry flavor.  Or what i would assume fermented blueberries would taste like.  Blueberry wine we will call it!

Fruit Crime Scene.

And none other than a big ole’ pea protein/oatbran/banana/almond butter pancake.  Mmmm.  Cya tomorrow.   Deane, Out!


4 Responses to “Time Crunch.”

  1. There’s a blue kombucha? Sounds tasty :-) Ginger is by far my fave but I want to try them all/collect the bottles

  2. that pancake sounds curious, i want one!

  3. elise said

    was it the gingerberry flavor? thats one of the best!

    is that fruit stack pears, corn, and cereal? im not so sure about that…

    • Adam said

      Yeah, it rocked! Thanks for turning me on to those things… And yes, the corn isn’t a usual ingred. but i had to use up the leftover from a dish that was made almost a week ago lol. Pears and spelt flakes are great though! Especially when adorned with Warm Almond Butter (its underneath)!

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