They say people in your life are seasons…

March 6, 2010

And anything that happens is for a reason. Thanks, Kanye.  I’m pretty sure College Dropout, Graduation, and 808s & Heartbreaks have all carried me through some of my biggest struggles in the past few years.  Kanye, Jay-Z, Wayne… Lyrical Geniuses. For all you Kanye haters out there, i challenge you to listen to his first cd and tell me you are not smiling by the end of it.  I’ll cook ya’ll dinner or something, if i am wrong that is… ;)

Anyway, if you are wondering: why the title?  Well, my life has taken an odd turn these past couple days which was pretty unexpected but i am actually okay with it.  It involved a close friend who was pretty upset with what choices i have made for my future (moving back home to Colorado once i graduate).  I wish i could say all is good and solved now, but i don’t plan on changing any of my plans or my mind so i don’t know how this is going to end.  But i will stop boring you guys with my excuses for being M.I.A. for the past couple days and man up!  As much as possible that is…  I like to think of myself as a pretty manly dude, who still sleeps with a penguin named Hanz.  I know what your thinking; and yes, he is German.

Okay, so i sleep with two stuffed animals.  It’s not like i even notice they are there anymore though, its not like i cuddle with them… Haha, funny story though.  Hanz was actually an impulse buy when i was in Germany to run a Marathon.  I needed a pillow for the airplane ride home, and i love penguins, so i obviously couldn’t pass it up.  Barney (the undistinguishable bear) on the other hand was given to me when i was fresh out the womb, and i have never gone to bed without him a couple feet away any night of my life.  Camping trips, numerous countries, several continents, sleepovers, girlfriends houses (shhh, he stays in my bag).  He has become good luck and is a constant for me in my life.  Come on, i know you guys all have something like this so don’t even laugh ;)   I felt that needed to be shared for the sole purpose of making up for my lack of posts the past couple of days!  Besides, if i hadn’t eaten his nose and chewed on his eyes when i was younger, i would have passed him along to this little cutie.

That would be my cousin Lil, cute huh?

Oh well, on to what my day was like today after i pushed through three exams this week.  Produce time…

This is the closest thing we have to a farmer’s market around here.  This store provides some of the best produce in Southwestern Ontario!  That is, when i don’t feel like making the trek to Michigan for food.  :)  Otherwise i hit up Sobeys which is similar to a King Soopers or Albertsons.  Sobeys in particular brings back some memories of high school and warm weather, scavenging for food fresh out the water.

Yeah, we were idiots who took pics in supermarkets with our shirts off… I like to think i have matured since… a bit.

Back with a nice little running post and maybe some gourmet meals tomorrow :)  Deane, Out!


6 Responses to “They say people in your life are seasons…”

  1. elise said

    ok, yes, kanye is a douche, but yes, his beats are ridic for running purposes. sadly, the same struggle with chris brown’s tunes exists. why cant these boys get their issues under control.

    way to shop in the nude! haha. those muscles would make me forget to buy hummus or something!!! (and thats saying a lot)

  2. Um….thank you for that picture. I like.


    haha! Okay, really, I’m sorry you’re going through a tough time with your friend, but in the long run, you have to do what’s right for you and your future, not what’s right for your friend. Good luck :)

  3. Katie said

    Haha! I was always the girl making a scene like that in public. One time by best friend and I brought a bunny we had found into a grocery store and took 100 obnoxious pictures. We got yelled at, but that memory is so worth it. Sorry about your friend being upset about you moving out here…tell him/her to come with you – it’s the best place on earth!

  4. Love the last pic!:P
    Though I have to say my favourite is the one with all the squashes…I have NEVER seen so many! Ohhh my goodness, knowing the USA has places like that just makes me all the more determined to live there :P
    (Hanz is quite the cutie too, btw)

  5. haha love that you guys were “those guys” who took their shirts off inside the store. om your cousin is adorable!! no shame in stuffed animals, i would definitely sleep with them too if my REAL animal (dog) wouldn’t chew them to pieces!

  6. Wow you guys are some young studs! It’s nice for an old woman like myself to get some eye candy on a food blog :)

    Anyhoo…your little niece is a total cutie pie and all that glorious produce…wow!

    To answer your question you left me how do i do it day after day…honestly, some days i wonder b/c it’s a hours sometimes. I’d be lying if i said it was fast to post like I do, but I havent found any shortcuts :) but 95% of the time, it’s fun so I continue!

    Jumping off a chairlift? Also (mostly) fun…I’ve done that too :)

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