No, Your Ugli…

March 2, 2010

What must it be like to go through life uncomfortable with your body, your name, realizing that every one else looks at you differently and judges you based on your outer appearance?  Ask this guy;

Name:  Ugli Fruit
Alias:  Jamaican Tangelo, Citrus Paradisi
Background:  Love child of a pomelo, and a tangerine. (odd couple)
Country of Origin: Jamaica
Description:  Awkward, wrinkly, greenish-yellow skin, very juicy tangerine-like flesh, slightly more sour than an orange.

I don’t judge.  This guy was far more tasty and a nice change from my usual weekly grapefruit craving.

This morning before school, i prepped some celery for my Earth Shakes for the week (GIGANTIC time-saver) while listening to 14 different reasons why i do not need a dog before i graduate.  Of course, being the fair and open-minded individual i am i listened to every single semi-valid point that was jammed into my head, and i fired back with an opening statement that sounded something like this:  “Is that a new shirt?  No?  Well you make old shirts look new!”  and then i smiled sarcastically and proceeded to chop my celery.  Suffice to say; i am waiting until i graduate and move to get a dog.  Which is okay with me, i guess…

Oh well, my shake cheered me up.

How can something so pretty turn out to be so ugly and brown afterwards? Side Note:  Not a good line to use when your girlfriend comes back from tanning.  Even if it is meant to be a joke.  Know your audience. :)

Dessert last night looked a little something like this.  Bosc pears are massive right now at my local farmers market, so i am taking advantage of that big time and laying off of the apples this week!  Speaking of apples, the unthinkable happened to me this morning, and i found an apple i had NEVER heard of on the way to school.  Prince?  Anyone?  Me either… I will report back after my run tonight to let ya’ll know how that works out!  :) Expect a running gear post coming up soon as well!   Deane, Out.


10 Responses to “No, Your Ugli…”

  1. i have never even heard of an ugli! wow, learn something new every day!

    the comment re GF and tanning LOL

    great blender shot, too! love the packed to the max action!

  2. Katie said

    I always feel the same way about colors…how can you combine so many pretty things and end up with brown?? Anyway, your shake is a beauty. Can’t wait until you get a dog and feed it apples and apple cores like I do mine. :-)

    • Adam said

      I eat the core of the apple too! My dog better learn to like apples… If your dog ever has puppies, i call dibs…cool?

  3. lol ugli fruit!! i’ve never heard of a prince apple, wonder if it’s good? we have some pretty bomb apples in CA :). yay pears! eat em up!

    • Adam said

      Prince Apple Rocked! I loved it, it was like a cross between a granny and an empire. Very crunchy. Yes, CA has an amazing produce selection, lucky.

  4. I’ve never heard of the ugli fruit. I’d probably like it. I tend to gravitate towards ugly things when it comes to choosing pets, clothes, boyfriends…I should add the fruit to the bunch.

  5. cool! i have always wanted to try an ugli fruit, thanks for the description!

  6. That ugly fruit sounds nasty :( I hate pomelo! I hate waste too, but I actually ended up throwing the one pomelo I ever bought away, it was so gross :( erhh :s

    • leangreendeane said

      So how do you really feel? lol… I would say don’t judge an Ugli fruit by a pomelo because they taste pretty much nothing alike, even though it is a hybrid of one. The tangerine far outweighs in pomelo-y flav.

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