What’s for Lunch?

March 1, 2010

I have about 15 minutes in between classes, and i thought i would bust out a quick post of an uncharacteristic salad i had pre-made myself for lunch today last night.  I just finished it up, and it was pretty unbelievable, i recommend trying it!

This consisted of:
-Very Lightly Steamed Beets
-Raw Shredded Yucca
-Sliced Tomatoes
-Chickpeas (at the bottom)
-Chopped Spinach (also at the bottom)
-Mixed and Tossed (lunch time today) with Olive Oil and Blueberry Vinegar

This was a surprisingly complimentary combo!  Very crunchy, and semi-sweet/tangy.  Went well with a Granny Smith apple and rice milk on the side :)  I don’t bring my camera to school, but i will start taking more pics of the prepping before i leave in the morning!  Planned dinner for tonight;  Flax- Tempeh Stir Fry, Broccoli, and Lima Beans (my favorite).


3 Responses to “What’s for Lunch?”

  1. elise said

    thanks soo much for your openness on your last post, it was very refreshing to read about others who struggle with feelings of guilt when they dont exercise. i am fortunately no longer in that place in my life, but during school i found focusing on gym time helped me cope with (or forget about) my school stress…it never got a point that needed to be addressed or anything, but in hindsight, it probably wasnt a healthy relationship. anyways, the comment you left me made me smile…one of these days ill get back on the running. im just lot feeling it right now…weird for me. kinda foreign territory.

    so yeah, that salad sound interesting. ive never heard of blueberry vinegar? hmmm. oh and i was thisclose to getting tamari almonds today after you raved about them like crazy…in the end i settled on plain raw nuts. im going to try and up the nuts this week. nothing drastic, baby steps of course…im currently munching pistachios. they are ok.

  2. i love yucca! totally underused ingredient :) fun colors in that salad

  3. BLUEBERRY vinegar, OoOer! I’ve never heard of that before, it sounds wonderful! Gah, America has such an amazing variety of foods :(

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