A little history…

February 28, 2010

This has been a crazy week for me.  I have somehow made it through 2 of my worst mid-terms, feel semi-decent about the amount of studying i managed to accomplish in between for next weeks exams, listened to every excuse in the book when it came time to help freshmen who’ve waited until the last minute to seek help, and found a little time for myself as well to run/push that stress away!  I often find that my busiest weeks are my busiest and i usually get a mondo amount of stuff accomplished, where as when i have the time to actually do the things i WANT to do, i end up doing something completely different.  Funny how that works, huh?  Well this week had also been interesting for me because of all of the fantastic posts i have been reading pre-school every morning based around NEDA week (National Eating Disorder Awareness).  It seems like everyone has come out of their shells and found the courage and strength to inspire so many others with their stories of recovery and how they are thriving now!  I love hearing about anyone’s successes that they have had in the past or the obstacles they have overcome.  As a fitness trainer, these are not only inspiring to me, but they really hit closer to home with more people than anyone may realize!

When i caught on to this whole “blog-world” a couple of months ago, I thought i would begin LeanGreenDeane to use as a creative outlet for myself; writing, fitness tutorials, motivation, food inspirations and  recipe ideas, showcasing my eats (as odd as they may be at times), basically a little fun hobby.  But what i found is that the little bubble with all of these wonderful personalities is much more than i expected.  It is an entire support system whether anyone realizes it or not, at first.  It doesn’t really take a lot to see that there are many blog-writers who find strength and motivation from the support they receive here and how they relate that back towards their offline lives.  Heck, i was ECSTATIC that i recently reached 1000 page hits :)  But through all of the amazing stories i read in the past week or so, i thought maybe i should bring a little something more to my own.  I am a firm believer that what we put out in the world is what we will receive back in return.  I have collected a huge amount of inspiration from most every client that i have trained, my family, my friends, my wonderful co-workers and most recently all of your wonderful pages; i feel as though i can be doing more in hopes that i can bring some sort of help to anyone in the same way my close support system has done in the past for me.  It takes a lot of courage to overcome anything worth surpassing in life, and what most don’t understand right away is where that courage comes from.  It took me awhile to really visualize exactly how i was going to come up with enough to find myself again after hitting a few bumps in the road.  With the help of friends and family reminding me that i didn’t have to search for it, but that i already possessed more than anyone they knew, and that i had just misplaced it;  I learned quickly that finding it is not the hard part but WANTING to find it was the most difficult realization i have ever struggled with.  But i found it, and so can any of you.  I overcame my compulsive and often obsessive thoughts towards exercise that had developed slowly over the course of my freshmen year of college, and i found the joy i have always had for fitness and strength through working and helping others do the same.  Life is FUN people!  It is meant to be enjoyed, lived and loved (as cliche as this may sound, truly think about it).  Movement and fitness is not based solely on physical ability or outer appearance, 90% is your ability to enjoy having a healthy outlook on life and the amount of joy you exude in the process.  I have always told everyone i know that wants to be more involved with healthy eating, fitness, and exercise, that they truly have to want this for themselves and the passion will come along with that “want” if it is truly there.  This will ALWAYS hold true.  If you are passionate about something in life, that WANT will always be there.  Making it a “DO” is the hard part.

I hope this all has made sense and you guys now understand where i am coming from and a little bit about my strong beliefs in how changing your mindset to “health” will change your life.  We are given one body, and one mind.  So why not do our best to fix them up on a little date?  ;)  When our body and minds work together, amazing things follow!  I make it a point now in every single race i finish to show my general feelings at the time a picture is taken rather than pose or put on a fake attitude.  This is so i am reminded at how my feelings have changed and motivates me to want those feelings again! :)  I found what happened with the German Women’s Speed Skating team a fantastic example of the range of motions athletes go through during competitive races… Anyone else catch this?  Alright, if you have made it down this far, i thank you for listening and hope  you know how much your stories mean to me as well!  Deane, Out.


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  1. jqlee said

    great post because you’re totally right. i definitely support and so much positive reinforcement through blogging. i dont like to think of it as validation but personally it keeps me accountable. i love reading other people’s stories too. it’s nice being able to relate to other while reading completely different stories too!

    and congrats on the 1,000 hits! :)

  2. Great post and I relate to everything you’ve said. Eating Disorder Awareness Week inspired me as well.

  3. Hi Deane!
    I have been wanting to comment all day but just now at 2am have a free minute :)

    This: It is an entire support system whether anyone realizes it or not, at first.

    YES! So true! I had no idea food blogging would turn into frienships and although i do enjoy seeing recipes, i really dont care, its the people I have met that matter, food is wayyyy last.

    Thanks for the praise re my brussles sprouts freshness..no i dont have my own tree..haha, I wish! I just groc shop frequently and am choosey about what i take home. And yes, being a parent/great mom is my 1st priority, thanks for noticing.

    And for you, I am sooooo glad you’re much more at peace with things and on track. I read a comment you left mama pea and i had no idea, at all. so it’s great to read this post from you…big hug!

  4. Mama Pea said

    Thank you for sharing this, my friend. I just want to reach through this computer and give you a HUGE hug. I hope you have reached a happy, balanced place now and I’m so proud of you for having the strength to share this. I even more glad that you are now doing things right and letting us “watch.” Have a great week, hon!

  5. i’m so glad you decided to open up about this! the issues you struggled with are far too common and way overlooked in men, so it’s important that others know they’re not alone! i’m sure that of those 1000+ visitors many found inspiration from your blog! i know i have :). we absolutely only have one body and one mind, and they deserve to work in harmony and be treated with respect! great post!

  6. Good post! I was really surprised when I started blogging about the amazing stories and strength and support that is out there. I know blogs have helped me over and over, I’m so grateful to them!!
    You have a good history :) Enjoy your day!

  7. heya :) just found your blog and i know what u meen, theres so much suport out there from other bloggers its really easy to get into the flow of blogging :)
    will defently be reading

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