Are you drawing in my class? Yes sir! :)

February 26, 2010

Want to see my what kept me busy during my Adjustment class this morning?  I was bored and found out that POM is having a contest where you could end up winning $250 donated to the American Heart Association in your name and some other goodies.  So i thought, why not sketch a little something (i have no intention of even coming close to winning), but i figured it was a semi-productive way to pass the time in my least favorite class!  Just to clear things up, every other class i have has either a lab or my full attention!  This was another social-science credit i HAD to take, so i have an excuse for not paying attention.  And to all you students out there, DO NOT DO THIS unless you can pull off an 89 in the course like me! :)

You had to incorporate their logo and the word wonderful in their somehow.  Here is my entry on the site.  Again, this was done in less than an hour and i know i am not the best artist, but if you want to vote, go for it!  Maybe you can contribute to a $250 donation the the American Heart Association!  Why not? :)  My eats this morning were not pictured but consisted of 3 apples and a bowl of ezekiel sprouted almond cereal.  Mmm… For lunch i plan on re-creating a smoothie that i saw over at Katie’s blog and for dinner tonight i may just create something a little more appealing than last night!  Stay tuned :)


15 Responses to “Are you drawing in my class? Yes sir! :)”

    • Adam said

      Ah, i am stoked to cook this up when i get some time! Thanks, i for sure thought it was a big secret that you were keeping because of how good it looked! ;)

  1. Very cool! You’re quite talented. Off to rock the vote!

  2. I heard about that contest too!
    I ate 3 apples today too hehe. 2 pink ladies and one granny smith. I like em tart!

  3. I love to draw and do artsy stuff, very cool picture!

  4. This is beautiful! Love it. Just found you through ELR. Nice blog.

  5. wait, i’m do you vote?

    • leangreendeane said

      Sorry i didn’t get back to you earlier, haha i appreciate the “vote”, i know i won’t win but it’s just for fun! Your not challenged that site makes it difficult!

  6. You’re a talented artisit, I’m sure I’ll be seeing your work in the Tate Modern any day now :P
    3 apples! You must be a big apple fan!

    • leangreendeane said

      Psh ya right, my exhibit could be called, things i sketched in my Psyc class.. And i am the biggest. apple. fan. ever.

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