A Take On A Classic, And I Suck At Flipping Pancakes

February 24, 2010

Okay, so based solely on my few skills as a cookie-baker, i decided the night before a huge mid-term would be a good time to test out my theory of  “add whatever ingredients i have left in my kitchen to an already brilliant recipe, throw it in my magic mixing bowl and hope that the outcome is edible” would hold over my hunger until dinner after a grueling leg workout.  So which recipe did i find intriguing enough to base my attempt off of?  Why none other than Mama Pea and her innovative Lime Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk Cookies. I have to admit, i was pretty skeptical when i had first heard of combining citrus and chocolate… Although, immediately i knew that i had to test this out for myself and see if she really was on to something!  One thing i love about her recipes is the fact that they are very versatile and seem to have something for everyone in each and every one!

I didn’t really want a big batch, just enough to basically test out and maybe a few left over for the special people in my life, maybe.  This all depended on how much i enjoyed consuming them; as with most of my baking/cooking adventures!  A general rule of thumb for me:  If they are good enough for me, then my family can fend for themselves!  One big difference was that i had to rush off to work and wasn’t going to have time to bake anything, so i adapted a no-bake guess-ipe that included Mama Pea’s lime and chocolate theme!  So on that note, if you are looking for the real thing and want a tried and true cookie recipe that you actually have to bake, i would suggest following her recipe because i am sure that it is a lot better than my quicker, less experienced version (although they came out quite tasty if i do say so myself) , i started with:

– 1/2 Cup Cooked Millet
– 1/2 Cup Oats
– 1/8 Cup Cocoa Powder (Didn’t have any Chocolate Chips, worked well though!)
– 2 Tablespoons of Ground Flax Seed
– 2 Tablespoons of Ground Chia Seed
– 2 Tablespoons of Chopped Walnuts
– 2 Tablespoons of Slivered Almonds
– 1/4 Cup Wheat Bran
– 2 Scoops Pea Protein Powder (for recovery) :)
– 1/4 Cup Ground Pecans
– 1/4 Cup Dates/Raisins
– 1/2 Mori-Nu Tofu Package
– Sprinkle of Cinnamon/Nutmeg
– 1/2 Teaspoon Vanilla
– 3 Tablespoons of Lime Pulp/Juice
– 1/4 Cup Unsweetened Almond Butter
– 1/4 Cup Natural Organic Maple Syrup
– 1/4 Cup Unsweetened Chocolate Almond Milk

Mix, Mix, Mix.

No-Baking these was an odd choice, but they turned out beautiful and the perfect after-workout snack :)

Forgot to mention that i picked up a few other flavs of Kombucha the other day with the money i had set aside to wash my car :)

Haven’t got around to trying them yet!  (A.k.a. i am saving them for late-night studying.) But i will keep you posted…

On another note; i have had a bit of a problem finding time to cook for myself lately, so i thought while i was on my break today, that would be the perfect time to make the PERFECT gigantic pancake for Katie’s awesome Artisana contest! Well, in 15 minutes flat, i whipped up something to be proud of!  It included flax seeds, a banana, oat bran, almond milk, and almond butter.  No ingredients were measured (my style), want to throw a thank you out there to Mama Pea for the inspiration for the cookies! This is how the pancake went:

Deane, Out!


10 Responses to “A Take On A Classic, And I Suck At Flipping Pancakes”

  1. Pancakes look amazing! I’m gonna try and whip up a version this weekend :) Just read your ‘about me’ section. What are you thinking of doing after you graduate?? I was a bio major as well :)

  2. Abby said

    Dont worry.. we all suck at flipping pancakes (some just dont admit it) lol Seriously.. it is not an easy task!!

    Those are some intense cookies!!! They look great.. I bet they gave you a ton of energy!

  3. I think they look great! You’re a boss in the kitchen!

  4. tehehe … that is one special lookin pancake. bet it tastes delish though.

    what do you mean citrus and choc might not go together, helloooo … orange chocolate is the BOMB ! :p

  5. Katie said

    so many good things!! Those cookies look so full of goodness – the type of thing that tastes good and you can really feel good about eating. I also need to whip up a batch of pancakes for Katie’s giveaway. Yum, yum.

    I’m excited to see what you think of those kombucha flavors! I’ve only had one kind and I’m kind of addicted. Too bad they’re as expensive as crack.

  6. You may suck at pancake-flipping, but your green cookies look awesome! Wish I could take them off the screen :)

  7. Brittany said

    Mama Pea’s recipe looks delish. I love your no bake version!

    Kombucha is great, no?

  8. Mama Pea said

    You are too cute! I love your little no bake lime and chocolate post workout cookies. The flavor’s kind of crazy, huh? Our batch is gone, so they couldn’t have been too hinky. :)

    Hope your test(s) have been okay!!!

  9. Hehe, I love how you have like, a million ingredients in your cookies! And I love how you managed to get them all so ROUND and neat! Why does this never work for me!?? No fair, I want your secret!

  10. it looks so funny with the banana thrown in there whole! i LOVE pancakes, every sunday my man! flipping them is not so bad, you just have to make sure that the first side is totally ready to be flipped, that it’s cooked more than half way through so you’re mostly just browning up the second side y aknow? but yours turned out great anyway!

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