February 19, 2010

Hey guys, i have to rush off to work in about 10 minutes and i am not going to be able to post tonight because i am going on a little adventure!  More about that later… Dinner tonight will look like this, except in tupperware, at work:

Roasted Veggies inspired by Mrs. YIWC once again… Everyone has such good ideas and recipes on their blogs that i will be broke pretty soon trying to re-create everything.  But today i was definitely feeling the beets, can’t say the same for my family though…

Parsnips, Beets, Peas, Carrots (orange and purple), Sunchokes, Celeriac.

Peppery Sweet Tato Fries from last night…

And more balls, this time inspired by a Hungry Hippie’s mix of butternut squash, raisins and millet.  For some reason i make balls out of the weirdest things, but it seemed like butternut squash and raisins would clash well together when i saw Elise combine them!  I added some pea protein because i felt like my dinner was lacking and almond butter for good measure, and because it can’t do any wrong in my opinion…

Well, now that i have copied everyone else’s eats for the day, i promise to invent some of my own creations this weekend!  Tomorrow i have a huge run planned in the morning, hopefully the weather holds up!   Have a good one everyone!  Anything fun planned for the weekend? :) Deane, Out.


12 Responses to “Quick-E”

  1. Oh my! I just came onto your blog after you (so very kindly, thankyou!) had a look at mine, and I think I’m in LOVE!!
    Roasted veggies, squash, parsnips, sweet potoato – all in the first post I read! Just add in some peanut butter, and you’ve eaten all my favourite foods in one post :D
    I’m going to enjoy following your blog!!

    • leangreendeane said

      I have heard that three times now about sweet potatoes and nut butter… I guess i will have to try this soon. Thanks Alot! Hope your weekend is going well :)

  2. Oh yum! Roasted veggies are my jam.
    Once again, love those balls up there :)
    Can’t wait to see what your secret adventure entailed!

  3. i love balls. i am not ashamed of how weird that sounds either ;). everything looks great, hope your weekend is off to a wonderful start!

  4. Mama Pea said

    Please come make me dinner/babysit. I have a bag of those mung beans in my cupboard that you posted yesterday, and I have NO idea what to do with them. Inspire me!!! Have a good weekend!

    • leangreendeane said

      Hah, obviously i would love to babysit your awesome kids! I will try my best to spark some inspiration with the mung beans, and i will post pics of what i usually do with them (mix with limas, corn, edamame, and pumpkin spice) it turns out to be very tasty although it may not sound all that great… If you have the exact sprouted version of the mung beans that i use, they don’t need to cook at all so i add them in during the last 2 minutes of cooking and basically just let them rehydrate in hopes that i won’t destroy the nutritional props of the sprouts! Hope your weekend is enjoyable as well! :)

  5. Oh I love Elise’s Balls. She’ll probably pop over here and see i wrote that…love you girl :)

    Anyway, seriously I love raisins in unexpected places and those would be great!

    Beets! One of my fave foods and i dont eat them nearly often enough.

    The sweet tater sticks/frys, nice. If you have coconut oil roasting them in coconut oil makes them kinda like eating candy…so effin good!

    • leangreendeane said

      I agree, raisins are nature’s little candies… I am definitely going to try a bunch of your recipes/ideas with the coconut oil once i can come to terms with spending half my grocery budget on a jar one week!

  6. Abby said

    OH my goodness, your sweet taters look great.. what are you talking about??!?! lol. I love Yes I Want Cake, too.. she has such fabulous ideas!

    Enjoy your weekend :)

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