A Whole New World

February 18, 2010

Nope, not referring to that song you can never get out of your head from a movie EVERYONE has seen at least once in their lives (Aladdin), rather i am referring to my day yesterday.  Something must have been up, whether i was just too mentally exhausted to find my usual items grocery shopping, or i was so hungry after my workout that i felt like these would be the smart purchases at the time.  Well let me first start by saying, i am NOT disappointed.  I also realized something pretty interesting while watching the olympics pre-bed last night.  The title of my post had NO explanation what-so-ever.  I meant to tell you guys yesterday that although i am a broke college student, i do make a few bucks here and there tutoring and personally kicking peoples butts in to shape!  This leaves me in a bit of a pickle.  You see; whenever there is money in my bank account, i find myself almost feeling sorry for our economy and wanting to do my part to pump it’s status back to the norm.  And although most consider me to be very cheap conscious when it comes to purchasing any household items, food, or clothing, i am only human and feel the need to splurge every once and awhile.  Although when i do choose to hurt my bank account, i would rather do it in such a way as to give back to a company that i believe supports the earth and is pretty local!  Thus my choice that i am stuck with so i need your help;  this jacket in copper or this jacket in volcano?  You have to understand that i am fairly flamboyant when it comes to the way i like to dress.  Very bright, unusual colors is my thing.  I am famous at work for a pair of Nike Runners i love to train in, bright purple with yellow and pink accents.  Give me your opinions!  Here are some new products i picked up yesterday;

The best canned pumpkin i have found thus far.

I am not a big Tomato Sauce from a jar kind of guy.  I much prefer making my own.  But you can’t make much better than this convenient little gem with no added sugar and very low sodium content!

What better than to go with a can of fresh tomatoes and spices than an easy 5 minute solution to cooking your own beans.  Not to mention the nutrients are more readily available.  Just hydrate and serve :D  That is my kind of beans.

I was so excited to find a healthy mix of organic grains to cook up quick in the morning (unfortunately i don’t have a lot of time to be using the stove).  No sugar, extremely low sodium, organic, and 25% less packaging used.  Sign me up!

Along with a ton of other fresh produce i managed to find on sale, i came across these slightly less appealing, dense, tree-branch looking logs.  But if i learned anything from Walt Disney himself, i would know never to judge a book by its cover.  Or by it’s name in this case.  This is a Yucca.  Yes, a Yucca.  Prepared last night with the help of a carrot peeler and a very sharp knife.  Wonderful taste, not strong at all!  See, this is a whole new world of foods.  Every turn a surprise.  Hold your breath it gets better…

Perhaps the pinnacle of my shopping trip.  An aloe leaf.  Which happened to be about 3 and 1/2 feet long before i cut it down to fit into a couple zip-locks.  This went into my Earth Shake this morning and added a mild, slightly sweet and smooth texture.  Great for your skin, and digestion!  Before i leave you to go to my last class and get my run in, make sure you check out my “Can’t Live Without” page for all my favorite products that will be updated regularly!  If you guys have any foods that you think i should definitely know about or should be including in my life, hit me up in the comments section.  And if that song is not stuck in your head like it is in mine by now, your lucky.  A whole new worrrrld, Don’t you dare close your eyes… Deane, Out!


8 Responses to “A Whole New World”

  1. so many things i love about this post! first of all, i had that stupid song stuck in my head all day bc it was playing at my work (i work with kids, duh) and yucca is amazing although i’ve never prepped it for myself, only in restaurants! aloe leaves are amazing, my aunt has a plant and she uses it for so many things! oh and re: your comment on my last post, you miss sf? did you used to live here?

    • Adam said

      I can’t even imagine if i had to listen to Disney songs at work all day, it would be a crazy sing-along, haha… Nope, unfortunately i have never lived in San Francisco but it is one of my favorite places to visit!

  2. elise said

    damn you. that song will likely be in my head all day and night now…eff.

    so thank goodness you told me what you did with that aloe leaf bc i was seriously wondering what the heck you use it for. any other uses aside from smoothies? also, did you cook it at all before blending it? i would be scurrred it would take down my magic bullet in 2 seconds flat. more proof that i need a vita or blentec. grrrr. what kind of blender do you use?

    oh and to help you with the jackets. i like them both, but i think i like the second in volcano better. that copper is blinding (which i assume is the point)…but yeah.

    • leangreendeane said

      Ahah, so i succeeded in my evil quest to take down multiple people with that song today!! Both of my friends that i ride to school with hate me now as well… I actually was afraid to buy the Aloe Leaf, so i asked the produce expert what the hell i was supposed to do with it, and he asked me if i had any sizable cuts or lacerations (kind of weird)… Unfortunately i don’t or else i assume i would have two uses for that leaf. Apparently it acts as a pain reliever and speeds healing especially of skin irritations (sunburns/burns). I didn’t cook it one bit, just cracked ‘er open and scraped out the gel. My blender is to a vita as red delicious is to pinata. It just doesn’t cut it (literally). I think it is a cuisinart. I don’t even know, but it sucks and i would not recommend it! Volcano is looking like the answer! Thanks dude.

  3. Great finds. I need to take you grocery shopping with me and introduce me to these fun foods!

    I like volcano. Make an entrance I say!

    • leangreendeane said

      That seems to be the verdict… Thanks for the help, and you should definitely go out and try to find the yucca, it is great raw or shaved and steamed!

  4. Katie said

    A yuca and an aloe leaf?! How fun!! I’ve never tried either – but I bet I would like them both, I like interesting food.

    Also, I vote volcano…red is the best. It stimulates your brain. I make my kids use red markers when I want them to pay attention in class. Have fun with your $$ splurge!

    • leangreendeane said

      Ah, i’m scared to press submit, i have my credit card number in and everything… I always fill my shopping cart and then chicken out when it comes time to buy, lol. I like the volcano too though, more now that i know i will be smarter ;)

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