Decisions, Decisions…

February 17, 2010

Let me start by saying that i am so happy that i have finally found a decent amount of time to start posting on a school computer in between classes.  Although it may take longer, i will bring my cam to school with me from now on and upload from here!  Another little note:  I am going to try and get a few core workouts along with photos posted on a new page i will be creating Friday or Saturday properly entitled “Strengthen”.
Today i am having one of those odd days where nothing feels like it is going my way.  Evident by the fact that i arrived at a professors office to discuss the exam that is next week, he informed me that the exam is actually based on 4 more chapters than i had realized.  There goes my week… I don’t know how i had screwed that up, but i definitely know that i am going to take FULL advantage of this “Crib Sheet” he is allowing us to make.  Has anyone else ever made one of these before?  Does anyone know what i am talking about at all? haha… Oh well, dinner last night can be summed up in one word: Broccoli.
I believe i cooked enough to last 4 days, and you know i had my fruit crime scene to top it all off. :)

A little spicy olive action…

This mess usually gets thrown into a bowl with unsweetened soy or rice milk after the plated pic is taken!  And don’t worry, i had a block of plain tofu and soy cooking for a little protein kick…

Ya i know, not to pretty, but i usually don’t have a lot of time to cook dinner once i get home so i don’t marinate my tofu in anything, just spread whatever sauce i want on after it has cooked!  Sorry about the flash in the pic, there was no other way to do this while it was still in the oven, and i wanted it to cook faster because it was getting late ;)
Today is looking like a long day, maybe i’ll get some time to grocery shop if i can get my workout in between appointments!  It is much needed as you can probably tell from the above pics.
Deane, Out!


8 Responses to “Decisions, Decisions…”

  1. Hi Adam thanks for your awesome comments the past few posts of mine!
    Anyway, brock. It’s a staple around here. And seriously, I love all cruciferous veggies and cannot imagine life without my beloved crunchy veggies.

    Crib sheets. I remember them. Thank god I dont need them anymore :)

  2. NAOmni said

    Take full advantage of that crib sheet! Odd food combos rock!

  3. Katie said

    Holy hell, that plate looks awesome – what all was on it!? I love just throwing stuff together and having it work out.

    Sorry about the bad test news…I remember crib sheets before – I would write so small that I could barely read my writing.hah.

    • leangreendeane said

      Haha, here goes: (what i can remember at least) 1 russet apple as a base, turkish apricots, organic pitted prunes, mulberries, raisins, my flax-almond butter balls crumbled up, some left over sweet corn, gluten free flax cereal, and a ton of cinnamon! If you haven’t tried Russet apples; they are so grainy and delicious. I am planning on using the sheet to its FULL potential! Thanks :) I will definitely post a pic of the crib sheet once i am finished so you all can laugh at how small everything will be!

  4. Mama Pea said

    Oh my, crib sheets! I remember writing so incredibly tiny and fitting in practically the whole textbook on to one piece of paper. You could also type it and then shrink the font as small as possible, if your writing isn’t that great (nothing sexist implied here).

    Your combos could NEVER scare me away ;)

    • leangreendeane said

      Haha, i would have never taken that comment any other way! My mother made me practice my handwriting twice a day when i was younger, and he fortunate part about my writing is it’s tiny… But that is an awesome idea to type it up and print in miniscule font! Get this though, the prof says it has to be on a 7 x 10 sheet… Thanks for making it tough bud! And don’t say that just yet, this is just the beginning of my strange food combinations!

  5. I love odd food combos!

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