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February 15, 2010

There is NOTHING better than the feeling after a fast 10 miler, and a shower of course!  And i officially do not care what anyone says or thinks, Ke$ha has some catchy beats yo… Even i was reluctant to purchase any of her whining on Itunes, but her new song is one of my top 5 to run to right now, i must have replayed it four times on my run today and i finished 10.5 in just over 83 minutes.  That is saying something… Not my best, and i rarely ever glance at my watch during a run, but i knew it felt good, and that is ALL i care about :) My eats today were pretty inspired also; Heres what i’m ta-ta-ta-talkin’ ’bout…

Uh huh… I sucked it up and no-baked a version of the awesome Averie’s Raw Donut Holes recently (today) adapted by the brilliant Katie of Yes I Want Cake.  Both of these girls have GREAT recipes on their sites, and i can’t wait to try most of them once exams/new years resolutions at my work die down! ;)   I used Katie’s recipe because i had most ingredients on hand, and i threw in 2 Tbs. of Coconut, 2 Tbs. Chia Seeds, 2 Tbs. Millet and 2 Tbs. Crushed Walnuts!  These are ungodly!  So much so, i have hidden them from my family :D  Not that they probably have already found them… But i tried!  Thanks you guys, great recipes!  Off to make my go-to recovery dinner (lima beans, spinach-tofu stir-fry, and obviously apples)  :)  Deane, Out!


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  1. elise said

    her songs kinda all sound the same to me, but i agree they are some MAYJ pump up tunage…

    ummm, i know this is a long shot since you wont even share them with your fam, but send me those balls!!!!!

    • leangreendeane said

      Yeah i’m only a fan of a couple. Wouldn’t go purchasing her cd or anything drastic like that lol… But speaking of, i did download some stuff from that DJ you recommended a while ago and WOW. Great stuff, and they run a little over an hour which is perfect for my runs! Next time i no-bake up some balls, there will be a package in the mail because sorry to say; the whole batch from last night is gone-zo. I may or may not have had 8. Just sayin’

  2. Katie said

    OOoh thanks for all that “brilliant” stuff…I’m flattered! I agree – you can hid so much “good food” in these kinds of treats…the husband doesn’t even know. Muahaha.

    I also agree about the 10 miler. That is my favorite distance to run, and I love knocking something like that out before the day really gets started. Although, that time…umm, not so much – I’m really impressed.

    • leangreendeane said

      I pictured that “Muahaha” like the witch in the wizard of oz… Except maybe you could be the Good Witch of the Mid-West sneaking healthy ingredients into peoples food. I’m overtired, sorry. Usually i don’t run for time, and rarely do i ever judge a run based on that alone, but as long as your breaking a sweat and feeling awesome afterwards, i feel like time is irrelevant, period.

  3. Mama Pea said

    I don’t think that your music choices DURING running should be held against you in your personal life. Can you say “Britney?”

    I’m so glad you started a blog. I’m subscribing right now. Your comments have seriously brought me so much joy, especially today. Thank you, my friend.

    • leangreendeane said

      Haha, okay… so only while not running may they be held against me? In that case i ONLY run to toxic and womanizer… What? It’s the beat! And i doubt my comments brought you half as much joy as i had seeing that you 6 bloggers commented on my post today! Really made my day when i got home and saw this. Thanks

  4. snackface said

    Well, according to Rolling Stone, two of KeSha’s songs were in the Top 10 downloaded iTunes this past week. You are not alone, sir. I’d probably have her songs, too, if I had an iPod.

    Can I just say I’m stoked to have another male food blogger? I am. Love it.

    • leangreendeane said

      Thanks for reaffirming my dignity… ;) My aim is to provide more than just my eats, eventually i want to get all of my workouts/sessions up here as well as soon as mid-terms are out of the way! Appreciate the kind words (smiling)!!

  5. I can’t stand Kesha (sorry I can’t bring myself to put a dollar sign in her name), but I agree that two of her songs are great for running.
    Love your balls up there! Yup.

  6. wow! those look yummy, but i can’t stand ke$ha haha

    • leangreendeane said

      The funny thing is; neither can i! I just find the beats to her few songs easy to run to. I find her incredibly annoying!

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