Don’t You…Forget About Me

February 14, 2010

If you are wondering where the above name came from, you can blame it on the fact that i had the BEST night ever last night which ended with finally getting to sit down, relax, eat popcorn and watch one of the most feel good movies ever made w/ my valentine… The Breakfast Club!
I don’t think i have laughed that hard in awhile, I don’t know why Judd Nelson never made it big after that, he is great in that movie!
Let me start off my apologizing for being MIA all week, but i have had 2 exams my tutoring schedule has taken off like crazy because it is mid-term time for everyone here.  What sucks about this; we have a new thing this week inappropriately coined “reading week”.  It is a week off before most mid-terms begin to get your study on and organize yourself.  This would be simply splen-diff-orous in addition to March break.  But guess what, NO MORE MARCH BREAK.  Yeah, the fourth pillar at the opening ceremonies isn’t the only thing Canada screwed up this week.
Speaking of… How is everyone enjoying the Olympics?  Incredibly sad about the Georgian luger… I also thought it was pretty distasteful of NBC to show the clip numerous times during hour in which hundreds of millions were watching, most likely including many small children and family members of the deceased…
On a lighter note, i can’t wait for Halfpipe and Downhill Snowboarding/Skiing!  What are you guys waiting for?  I actually was lucky enough for my essay to be chosen and was invited to carry the Olympic Torch just north of Vancouver when it passed through a couple of weeks ago, but due to my tuition/insurance/life payments that all seem to have fell at the same time, i could not afford the $950 dollar round trip ticket out from Detroit so i had to pass the opportunity to some other lucky individual.  I was down for about 2 solid days about it, but i am moving on and realize that everything happens for a reason.  Hopefully all of this schooling will pay off sooner than later and maybe i’ll be the one treating the olympians at the next Winter olympics! :)
This morning i awoke to the smell of fresh-home-baked english muffins and cinnamon-zucchini-raisin pilaf!  It was amazing, but went un-pictured due to the fact that my camera was not with me!  Now i am back home and i created a Valentine’s Day masterpiece for my Valentine about an hour ago… Check it out:

Okay, so i know they are not the best looking mini-cakes you have ever seen.  But it’s the thought/taste that counts right?  And i knew they would HAVE to taste decent with this honey a friend from work brought back from Cuba for my mother who was kind enough to share some with me:

Another Vital Ingredient in this Mess of a Mini-Heart Cake:

Along with 2 Tablespoons of those two went a half cup of spelt flour, 2 Tbs Raisins, 2 Tbs Slivered Almonds, 2 Tbs Crushed Hazelnuts, 2 Tbs Frozen Cherries, 1 Tbs Almond Butter, 1 Tbs Flax Seeds.  Blend All Ingredients and Form Heart Shapes.  Bake in oven at 300 degrees for 5-7 minutes.  :)
My Vday Swag From My Valentine Included A Favorite and 2 New Finds That I CANT WAIT TO TRY!!!

Don’t think the Chocolate Bar is Vegan, but hey it’s Valentine’s Day and not only will i still be eating it, but i might even enjoy it :D
Looking through my running mag after my 8 miler today i found out something cool worth sharing:

That’s right people, Apollo is a runner!  He says it keeps the bulk off because he builds muscle WAY to easily and running allows him to  stay “stringy”.  Never heard that reason before from anyone i have trained…  Is it cool to be stringy?  Haha.  I still like him.  By the way, to all of my friends in Colorado: Send snow ASAP!
Expect some heart-shaped pizzas and quesadillas that myself and some other girl will be creating later on! :) Enjoy the day.
Deane, Out!


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  1. i love the breakfast club! such a great movie. omg i can’t believe nbc actually aired clips of the crash? that is so disrespectful, not cool! i’m glad i didn’t get to watch then. hope you have a great rest of your weekend, that miel de cuba must have been good!

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