Snow Time…

February 10, 2010

Two words could sum up the last few days of mine perfectly; Shovel, Sneeze.  I don’t think there is anything else i have done other than those two things.  Yes people, i have a peanut allergy/intolerance and engaged in a thoughtless snack a couple nights ago that involved peanuts, unfortunately, and my gi tract as well as my airways have NOT thanked me for it!  Didn’t stop me from shoveling my way out to school today though…

Is there anything more frustrating then hitting a crack in your driveway shoveling, or those FRUSTRATING lines of snow that you get in between each path you shovel?
Check out my awesome ride to school this morning…

Just kidding, i wish…  This was just a sweet bus i came across during my Summer spent in Boulder last year.  I’m pretty sure it was for a local camp, but i would not be ashamed to pull up in that every day to my University :)  Favors to ask of you guys;  Convince me my way is dumb and fill me in on how to shovel properly or  shoot me some ideas on what to make for dinner tonight??  I’m pretty sure it might be a cereal and toast night…That is what it is looking like, not to mention i just crave it sometimes… Both would be appreciated!!!


3 Responses to “Snow Time…”

  1. Vita’s are pretty cool indeed :) Best money i ever spent, truly changed the way i cook, eat, and thus my life.
    Drop me a comment when u get the new food up, love reading new foodie posts!

  2. Katie said

    Yay for Boulder!! Have you ever seen that “bus” that does tours on the hill?? It’s called “Banjo Billy’s Bus Tour”…or something like that.

    I LOVE shoveling snow because it’s a major workout for me. Especially when the snow is heavy…I am always sore the next day – hamstrings and back. But I know what you mean about hitting a crack – it jars your whole body.

    As for dinner, I wish I had something brilliant for you. How about soup? I always make veggie soup (from all the leftovers in the produce drawer) when it’s cold and snowy. :-)

    • leangreendeane said

      That sounds like such an amazing idea because i def. need something warm! I have two tomatoes, 1/4 onion, tub o spinach, and bloobs in my veggie/fruit drawer. We will see how this turns out, haha. I know the “bus” your referring to! The hill is awesome!

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