H to the Izzo…

February 8, 2010

Does anyone else ever listen to music on their way to work/school in the morning, hear a song you haven’t heard in a long time and get it STUCK IN YOUR HEAD FOR THE REST OF THE FRIGGIN’ DAY?  That is pretty much how my day began today… For all my Jay-Z fans out there, maybe i am the only one who knows every single lyric to every single one of his albums but once i hear me some Jay it is extremely hard to concentrate on anything else the rest of the day.  Side note:  Singing to myself, unfortunately for others,  is not a trait i am familiar with, so whoever else is around is usually awarded with a performance.  Moving on to something a little more interesting/controversial…
Considering I intend on this site being a fitness/nutrition based outlet for me to voice my opinions on all the “new fad diets”, interesting new exercise myths, new vegan restaurants/food, i plan on stirring up the pot every once in awhile and throwing some of my views out to all of you for you to do with what you wish!  One of my greatest pleasures in life is receiving feedback from any and every one that feels they have enough knowledge about a given topic to form an intelligent response.  I never disregard anyones opinions or thoughts unless i feel that they truly have no business speaking on the matter or have not spent the time to educate themselves.  Otherwise i find discovering and exploring everyone else’s perception exciting, and thought provoking!  Now that I have my disclaimer out of the way…
There was a question that came up in my morning class regarding the choice everyone possesses of whether or not they wish to eat animal meat or other byproducts.  This stemmed from a debate on the ethical treatment of farmed animals where i gladly provided my firm opinions while somehow transitioning to the concept of vegan/vegetarianism without even trying!  Pretty smooth, huh?  I certainly thought so, until i heard one girl speak up in a slightly shrill manner directing all of her attention and energy in my direction.  “So does that mean your going to force your children to become vegans as well?”   Uh oh… I knew this was not going to end well.  Although i like to consider myself a kind person who grew up in a family with many values and morals; I was simply never blessed with the ability to convey my thoughts in any other way then harshly once verbally provoked.  That is right children, sh!t was going down.  After ten minutes of explaining to Lindsey Lohan why i don’t believe my children will ever need to be “forced” into a non-violent diet rather how i would “reinforce” the theory that meat simply makes you stupid, and how she was a prime example.  Now i know what your thinking… That was pretty rude, right?  Well, you have to understand two things about here;  This comment was made after providing a fully detailed, and knowledgeable explanation for my life choices that did not verge on defensive what-so-ever but left room for debate.  And debate she would, calling me out in front of all of my class, accusing me of personally tearing apart values that children should develop on there own.  I had no words left to say to her knowing that she no longer deserved to be present in this debate with her under-developed views on family politics, vegetarianism, and probably reading in general.  At this time the professor decided he should probably intervene before she lunged over the aisle and beat me to death with her oversized sunglasses, he raised the question to both her and I of what our thoughts were on grain fed, cage free animals?  “I try to eat them whenever i can, i feel better knowing that they were happy” she giggled.  After the laughter in the class died down, it was time for my input.  Uh oh again… Attempting for this answer to be a simple and short alternative to my last outburst i responded with “I think it’s fantastic that these animals were fed decently, supposedly never given antibiotics, and lived in (bigger) cages, but that all goes to hell once we butcher them for their meat”.  Now notice how i grouped myself as a human and held myself accountable as well as the rest of my class for these spontaneous acts of violence we commit to feed our overly-carnivorous population.  Apparently it didn’t help when i turned my attention back toward Lohan’s direction and added “So you are totally fine with eating dead animals, so long as those animals were happy vegetarians before being murdered?”  Ya, my hopes of keeping a low profile in that class went down the drain pretty quickly after that.  Anyways, the question at hand, how will you go about parenting your child/children as a vegetarian?  What happens if your partner doesn’t agree with your particular views?  Have you ever had to deal with this issue, and if so; was it difficult?
Let me finish off with some delicious granola i baked up for myself in between workouts last night… Hope you all have a wonderful day :)

In Ze Bowl-
1/4 Cup Pumpkin Seeds
1/4 Cup Pecans
1/4 Cup Raisins
1/8 Cup Chia Seeds
2 TBS. Flax Seeds
1/2 Cup Wheat Bran
1 Cup Puffed Millet
2 Cup Oats
1/2 Cup Unsweetened Applesauce
1/2 Cup Unsweetened Soy Yogurt

Shaken well, spread out over a tinfoil lined baking sheet…

Bake for 20 minutes at 385 degrees! And… Instant Healthy Snackage.

And the brand of Chia Seeds I use:

Deane, Out.


4 Responses to “H to the Izzo…”

  1. Katie said

    First of all, that granola looks delicious, and I will have to make some soon.

    Secondly, I totally admire your ability to speak out against that silly girl. When I was in college, I never really had the confidence to share my thoughts in class, and I always envied people who did…no matter their views.

  2. Great looking bars you’ve made! Thanks for your awesome comments youve been leaving me too :)

    Children and veggie/veganism. Well, my daughter just turned 3. When I was pregnant with her, I wanted her to be a vegetarian but honestly, I wasnt going to be radical and hardcore about it and if she had some animal product, well, she did. I wasnt gonna stress. Fast forward 3 yrs. She hardly likes cheese, most kids “love” cheese. She hates eggs, her dad orders eggs at sunday morning brunch and takes her with and she says daddy’s eggs are gross. I Agree. And she doesnt eat any other animal product, except maybe 4 oz of yogurt per week. So, she is largely a vegan. And it wasnt b/c i was pushy. It was b/c I was mellow. And leading by example…and also, in this house, if you dont eat your veggies, you may not get enough to eat b/c that’s what is served. LOL

  3. Serena said

    I hate it when things get stuck in my head. :( Argh. so annoying.

  4. elise said

    for THAT very reason i stopped waking up to the radio. no matter how few seconds of the song was on, it was stuck in my head allllll day long. all subway ride i found myself singing the dumbest, most random crap.

    anyways, feel free to mail me any leftovers of that healthy snackage…im not a pecan fan, but i think the rest of the yum will help me work through it ;)

    ps my whole foods is amazing…but something tells me your address is a BIT our of range.

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