Look on the bright side…

February 4, 2010

5:30 a.m. –  A tiny beeping noise coming from under my warm, comfy, down blanket… It was the stupid alarm on my stupid watch telling me that i needed to get up and brave the chilly, arctic environment i call home to get dressed and get my sweat on.

5:39 a.m. – Chug 2 500ml bottles of water mixed with this.  (Chocolate if you are wondering).  Eat a handful of pumpkin seeds and raisins and rush out the door to do about 70 minutes of running.

7:20 a.m. – Rush back into the shower, wash my hair with this.  (Biotin, it works so well and leaves my hair nourished and fluffy.)  :)

7:30 a.m. – Brush my teeth with this. (Orange-Mango Oil)  Don’t know it ’till you’ve tried it!  It is amazing and i love the fact that it isn’t sweet, yet leaves my mouth feeling so fresh and so clean…  clean… (i had to)

7:34 a.m. – Dash out the door, literally, forgetting to lock it, of course.  Drive to my 8:30 Child Development Exam and ACE it :D

8:30 a.m. – Realize i am going to KILL this test and put a big smile on my face.

9:17 a.m. –  Leave my exam, run back to my car, and notice i have the rest of the day to my self for once, time to get some serious errands finished up.

Pleasing result of my trips:

And the unfortunate proof of me eating my 5th apple by 3:00 p.m.:

Can’t forget possibly the best product EVER made

That might last me through the week, (I bake my brussels in this stuff)… HEAVENLY and NO SODIUM… :)
Before i leave you for the day, i just wanted to share something pretty awesome that happened to me today while at the grocery store.  An older lady came up to me in the bulk section and asked me what i used my nutri-yeast for that i was scooping out by the shovel.  I explained to her what i usually cook and how i go about using it which eventually lead into about a 20 minute discussion on veganism and fitness.  It was great!  I was so psyched that i had the time to talk for once and i love hearing about any secrets seniors have that seem to be as fit as ever!  She was so inspiring and i actually learned that she was a champion race-walker for her age group in her seventies fifteen years ago.  She carries the medal around with her and even explained/demonstrated what exactly race-walking was right there in the bulk isle.  After about 30 minutes of hearing crazy amounts of nutritional knowledge come from a 88 year-old, we had to get out of everyone else’s way that were trying to maneuver around us in the isle, and she left saying “I really hope i see your face again”.  This just brought the most happiness to my day that i could ever imagine!  Maybe it is because i don’t have grandparents around to talk to anymore that i appreciate the amount of wisdom older folks acquire and are willing to talk about and teach…  Anyway, it made my day!  Does anyone else ever take a few steps out of there comfort zone and strike up convo with seemingly friendly strangers?  This is the story of my life! :)


2 Responses to “Look on the bright side…”

  1. Katie said

    Oooh look at all that good foodie loot! I love it.

    I also strike up conversations EVERYWHERE, drives my husband crazy. :-) That lady sounds awesome, I totally would have spent the time to talk to her too.

  2. Oh my gosh! That woman sounds so sweet. How cool is it that she’s a race-walker?! I bet she could smoke those mall walkers hahaha! I bet you made her day. That was very nice of you to talk to her for so long. Some people can be cruel to older people. Have a great weekend!

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