If An Apple…

January 31, 2010

A day keeps the doctor away, I don’t think there will be any doctors in my vicinity for quite a while.  That’s right everyone, yesterday i officially smashed my previous record of 6 apples in a day with a whopping 7, AND a pear!  Given that five may have been consumed before noon, two of them looked as if they were large brown marbles, and two made there way into my system via “Earth Shake”, it’s still an achievement I am proud of ;)  If only I put as much effort into getting this blog off the ground…  Well, today seems like the day that I have anticipated for a quite some time now!  I was finally able to find a camera that is Deane-Friendly and I actually am having fun playing around with all the features that it has (believe it or not)!  In hopes to redeem myself, I intend on posting a few product reviews, my lunch and dinner today, and maybe even a few ridiculous stories from my week :)

One of those stories actually played out right in front of me yesterday while I was outside waiting to get into a class.  A girl approx. my age came over and sat on the bench i was standing next to.   For full effect, she was dressed head to toe in black; black leggings, black mocs, black shirt that resembled maternity wear, a long crystal necklace that stretched down all the way to her enormous chain-link belt.  Oh, and gigantic bug-eye sunglasses, indoors.  Now being the outgoing, easily entertained, socialite i am, i sparked up conversation for my sheer enjoyment boredom.  Not surprisingly i learned that she was waiting for a friend in the class and was not a Bio-major.  Actually this was her fourth year and she was still “undeclared in life” as she put it.  There were so many questions flying around in my head regarding her fashion “statements” that i unfortunately couldn’t hold all of them in and one spilled out.  “Sun in your eyes?”, i chuckled.  She looked at me but i couldn’t tell if this had upset her or not because the glasses were literally covering half of her face.  Slowly she reached up and dipped them down over her nose, “Wild-night last night, actually” she voiced with attitude.  Given that last night would have been a Thursday, i smirked as she quickly fired back at me.  She eyed my pin that i have worn all week in support of Haiti on my chest.  “Does that mean you like know someone who died in the earthquake?”  Not quite… I began to explain why i don’t believe they give out pins for “knowing” a Haitian casualty when she interrupted with “I don’t get it, weren’t there any other areas in Africa that were affected by the earthquake”?  I figured this was a good time for me to head into my class and leave her alone with her Friday morning hangover…  Moral of the Story:  If you haven’t declared a major yet in college, and you are in your fourth year; at least brush up on your geo before taking part in any type of general conversation!
Now to the grub:
Started the day off with a few of these;

Granny Smith and an extremely sour  Pear went into my Earth Shake (un-pictured due to brownish-green hue)

A few of these:

Carob-Pumpkin/Walnut Bites from the Whole Foods Bulk Section (A favorite)

Sliced/de-seeded this little guy (Kabocha) in half and stuck him in the oven for 2 hours while i was at work at 330 degrees topped with cinnamon, raisins and pecans!

This will act as the prime veggie in my magnificent dinner presentation later ;)
Off to work on some papers, eat a little lunch, and try out a Kombucha Tea i picked up for the first time since all of you people in the blog world rave about these.  Details, lunch and dinner pics to come.  Deane, Out!

P.S. Don’t mind the skim dairy milk at the bottom of the photo, i live with vegetarians (non-vegans).  Am i required to refrigerate these Kombucha beverages?  Oh well, hopefully it provides enough fuel for a decent long run today.  Wish i could be drinking it here:


4 Responses to “If An Apple…”

  1. elise said

    kombuchaaaaaaaaaa…yum yum yum. i think it needs to be refrigerated only after its opened? not so sure. im not one of those people who drinks it in two servings…

    cant wait to hear if you liked it – and see the kabocha din. were there others home to watch over the roasting squash?!?! otherwise thats a risky little move ditching your casa with the oven on. ive done it before with brussels (by accident) and it was sooo effing scary once i realized what i had done. i thought for sure i burnt the entire apt complex down, hahaha -oops!

    • leangreendeane said

      That will definitely not be a problem then. It was gone in 5 or 6 gulps after the initial taste and i loved it but wish i would have enjoyed it a bit more and didn’t drink it right after a run! I’m psyched to try the other flavors now, but my wallet is going to hate me for it…
      As for my kabocha maneuver, i have done this about 50 times in the past and i depend solely on my little toaster oven to gracefully shut it self off after 2 hours. You are totally right in that if it ever chooses not to, you may just catch me sitting on a curb with my guitar outside of my sisters place! haha… Maybe i shouldn’t joke around about this, but i am too chicken to throw it in the nice oven and leave in fear of bigger fire/explosions. :) Fortunately i only have four other people to worry about rather than the entire building that you could wipe out with your brusselsprouts ;)

  2. Katie said

    Glad you got a camera you like! Your pictures look great…those carob/pumpkin walnut bites look and sound delicious.

    Also, that story about the girl, hilarious.

    • leangreendeane said

      Me too! :) I may even decide to read the instructions eventually! This is a big step for me… I think most every WF’s i have been to in Colorado carries the carob bites. I know this because i check in every single store i am in, it’s a bit of a problem but i guess there could be worse things to crave!

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