Really? Really??

January 18, 2010

I know there are a lot of stupid people in this world that spend there time coming up with stupid things, but when i heard this on the radio this morning on my way to school i almost had to pull over and call the station to let them know my opinion!  Get this; A commercial for a new service some vehicles are being built with.  Apparently you no longer have to pick-up your cell phone to read a text message while driving (which is now illegal in Ontario and many states anyway).  Has it really come to this?  REALLY?  Has no one ever heard of voicemail?  Guess what, American Car Company, instead of spending money on implementing a system into the car stereo to interact with text messages received through a mobile phone, why don’t you scrap the idea, use the money to create a greener, more efficient vehicle and tell all those who text to actually leave a voice message of their own.  Or this may be taking it too far, but what if the person waited until they stepped out of their vehicle to “re-connect” with the rest of their socially-deficit friends who i am sure are anxiously waiting on the other end?  Wow… this may be turning into a rant of sorts, but c’mon people…
Yes, i too text message.  But my main rule is that i will only send someone a text if i truly believe it is a short enough piece of info that it is wasting my time calling them.  If it turns into a full blown conversation, i will tell them to call me or meet me in person.  Believe it or not, i enjoy seeing people’s faces and interacting in the real world more than reading their walls and determining if their profile picture has changed? ;)
Just so you know, i am a very opinionated person who enjoys hearing everything EVERYONE has to say.  So if you disagree with anything i ever post on my blog, please let me know through leaving a comment!  I love a good debate!  But it is okay with me if you chose to agree as well :)  Annnyways… Oh ya the food…
I started my morning out at 6:30 am where i kick myself out of my warm winter blankets and stumble downstairs to get a quick 25 pushups/sit-ups/squats out of the way before i jump in the shower.  I enjoy revving up my metabolism early because i feel it allows me to be more alert and less zombie during class!  I am also pretty weird in that i take an extremely hot shower for about 5 minutes followed by an extremely cold blast at the end for about 30 seconds to truly make sure i am awake!  Breakfast comes next;

I know this seems unusual.  However, an apple is a given, so i had an amazing looking Honeycrisp that i picked up at a local produce stand and i was craving some protein along with my Amazing Grass shake that i make every morning so i had a fistful of Bob’s Red Mill TVP which i am sure you saw yesterday was one of my “staples”!
My breakfast shake is a variation of a “Green Monster” and usually turns out more of a ugly brownish color that i like to refer to as earthy.  So, for the purpose of keeping my appetite up and the pictures at a minimum of the same earthy shake every day, i will only take a pic of my Earth Shake if it turns out to be a bright, happy color!:)  Which i have had happen before; i.e. bright purple (cabbage), bright green (spin x 3), bright blue (almond milk/blueberries), bright red (raspberries/soy milk), and one time i even pulled a layered white/blue color from adding in soy yogurt during the blending process.  So just know that today’s was not too exciting, but i like a lot of ice so my shakes tend to be about a liter in size or more!  What? I’m still growing!
Just to let all of you know, i started up a new page last night called “Can’t Live Without”, make sure to check it out!  This is where you will find all of my natural product/food reviews drawn from the best of what i use and eat every day!  Lunch/Dinner post to come later, heading into class!  Deane, Out!


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  1. Katie said

    I can’t even imagine texting and driving at the same time…I would crash in 2.4 seconds. So this new thing seems really dumb to me – I’m not a very proficient texter, I have an old, old flip phone and it takes me way longer to text than call, so I call.

    I’ve been wanting to try Bob’s TVP…glad to know it’s such a hit!

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