First Impressions Suck

January 17, 2010

Well, i woke up this morning, having looked forward to getting everything uploaded today to find out that my camera was pretty rebellious all week.  That’s right, there is no other reason why pictures never turn out with me, it is always my camera.  Stupid camera…  And what is weird; i have the exact same problem with every single camera i have ever owned.  Coincidence?  “I don’t think so, Tim.”  (Home Improvement ref for all of you who didn’t grow up in the 90’s.) In reality, there are no coincidences in my life, unfortunately.  The common denominator with all of my past horrible camera experiences happens to be me.  Apparently me being a tech-genius, decided to take pictures without a flash all week because i thought my house was bright enough at nighttime for pictures of food to turn out.  At least i learn from my mistakes and didn’t make the mistake 7 days in a row, right?  FAIL.  Oh well, at least maybe this is an excuse to blame my camera once more, ignore the fact that a flash would have helped, and persuade Santa to bring it back to his shop in exchange for a DSLR?  Probably not that great of an idea.  For some reason i can’t help but see even more disappointment in my future figuring out how to use an even more complicated piece of equipment.  Please don’t laugh, i try and avoid all things with buttons in general.  Not that i am too stupid to figure them out, rather i am afraid that they will break once i do.  So for today, and today only (i promise to figure out the camera sitch before class/work tomorrow) you will have to deal with a pic from my phone!

I figured that before i get into any sort of meal preparation, i should show you my so called “staples” (who came up with this phrase?) that i cannot live without having in my cupboard.  Remember, these are just a few.  You will find that one thing i enjoy most is trying new foods, so my fav. product list is endless, but these few are key! :)  (All veggies, fruits, and fresh food kept in Fridge, pic at a later date!)

(From Left to Right)
-Nutiva HempShake (Berry)                -Wheat Bran            -Coconut Vinegar
-Chia Seeds                                               -Natures Path Hemp Oatmeal     -More BDAB
-Amazing Grass Superfood                 -Mori-Nu Tofu                                   -Red Quinoa
-Chick Peas                                              -Almond Butter and Tahini         -Dried Fruit
-Oat Bran                                                 -Red Kidneys                                     -Steel Cut Oats

This is what my cupboard looks like THIS WEEK, it is very possible that none of the same products will be there next, but a few of my favorites made it  in there this week that may make frequent appearances in my future meals;  Chia Seeds (LOVE these), Amazing Grass (will be a daily occurrence similar to a coffee addiction),  Chick Peas (Unfortunately have a short shelf life in my house and fall victim to often quick and painless deaths several times a week!), Dried Fruit [I have recently sought out help for my addiction and am currently attending DFEA meetings monthly ;) ].  Day of eats to come tomorrow!  Due to my harsh work/school sched during the week, expect posts to be late at night and early on the weekends!  Please pray for Haiti and donate if you are able to any reputable organization!  Deane, Out.


2 Responses to “First Impressions Suck”

  1. elise said

    im practically the prez of DFEA…we should really get some meetings lined up.

    chickpeas – yeah, i hear that!

    anyways, congrats on the kick off. you have a reader in me :)

    ps of course its cool to link me!

    • leangreendeane said

      Thanks for my first comment ever! haha…
      The first step is admitting you have a prob, and unfortunately even my professors have started to question the dried things i bring to classes…
      I hope you know things will liven up a bit, it’s harder than i thought to find the time to take decent pics and upload everything, i can really appreciate how much time you have put in! Thanks again!

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