The Fine Print

January 10, 2010

Okay, let me set down a few ground rules for this blog.  There will be certain things that i am 100% sure will come up, most likely within the next few posts, and i thought i would take the time to address these few key points regarding my life before the questions/criticisms start flooding in!  Not that i am not open to any question you may have along the road, or criticism for that matter, i am merely making the attempt to rid my mailbox of all repetitiveness right away!  So, in order of importance, here it goes;

1.  This blog is going to touch on my daily adventures in food, fitness, school, work, pets, food, sleep, green living practices, school, sleep, food, faulty relationship advice, corny quotes from movies, food, running, and most likely cooking more food!  Disclaimer:  QUIT reading now if you are expecting to see lavish pictures of gourmet meals day in and day out.  I promise to try my best to make my VEGAN meals look presentable with both a sense of variety and ingenious camera angles.  But let’s be honest; who has time to do this at every meal?  Oh, thats right, those who don’t have a life outside food blogging?  I hope this doesn’t offend any of you out there, but there is more to life than presentation!:)  And hopefully you will all learn to appreciate my lunches masterpieces in all of there tupperware synthetic brilliance.

2.  Yes, my apple consumption is excessive and may or may not qualify me as a competitive eater.  I have a bit of an obsession, ever since i was just a wee-little-guy i would consume my weight in apples monthly and this is the way it probably always will be.  Side note; one of my goals on my bucket list is to have a few apple trees growing in my backyard to supplement the cost, as well as the carbon footprint i am sure i have acquired over the years.  I am always in the search for a new breed of apple i haven’t heard of before, and challenge anyone to bring interesting fruit to my attention, it would be much appreciated.  I will also go as far in stating that i have tried over 30 different varieties, so good luck!  :)

3.  Vegetable/Fruit peels are also a staple in my diet.  You will NEVER see me peel a piece of fruit or a vegetable before consumption, with only 2 exceptions;  bananas and oranges.  Other than that, many of my friends count on me for endless hours of entertainment watching me have a snack after a run or with my meal.  My theory is; the more roughage/fibrous foods you send through your system, the smoother the digestive process becomes.  But really, it is that i feel awful throwing away any food from my plate and hardly ever leave a man behind!

4.  Both running and fitness are vital for me.  They are the reason i stay grounded.  Running is my stress-reliever.  It allows me to compete with myself.  It allows me to compete with others.  It is my pain-reliever (both mental and physical).  It is my passion.  It is what i dream about, think about, and enjoy more than anything else; even apples! ;)  I consider myself extremely fortunate to be able to do this, and i have recently started thanking god everyday for this and various other qualities i am lucky enough to possess.

5.  You will never see me count a calorie.  So if you are reading this blog for advice on how to cut calories and lose weight while staying fit, YOU HAVE THE WRONG BLOG!  Yes, staying fit is a product of healthy living and exercise, unfortunately i don’t believe watching your “numbers” or caloric intake is healthy, nor is it a fun way to spend your time!  I have been a personal trainer for the past few years and i have had my own troubles along my road to finding the ideal balance, nutritionally speaking.  I have developed a theory that if you break a sweat daily, use your muscles regularly, feel as if you could run a mile after every meal, than you are golden!  That being said, if i HAD to estimate how many calories i consume daily, i would tell whoever was forcing me to do so that it is impossible to put a number on good nutrition, and everyone is different. So to answer the age old question i get from anyone and everyone, “how many calories do you consume daily?”, “enough” is my answer which is evident to me through feeling great!  Does this mean i am perfect and that i never indulge?  Of course not!  The path to so called “perfection” requires indulgence, in my opinion ;)  (this goes for all aspects of life)

And Lastly, Number 6:
Please try and enjoy reading knowing that i am still in the learning process in many aspects of my life.  I have accepted that i make mistakes, so anyone who is prepared to judge my actions needs to do so as well before i will respond to any comments or concerns.
All that being said; Welcome to my colorful life!:) Enjoy.


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  1. Katie said

    You are not alone in your apple obsession. They are by far my favorite food in the world…the kids in my class bring them to me daily, and I almost always have two a day. Minimum. Mmmmm.

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